Plumbing Hacks for Busy Moms

What are the best plumbing hacks for busy moms?

plumbing hacks for busy moms

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Being a stay at home mum is difficult enough as it is. Your life is often inundated with chores, jobs, and responsibilities, and it can become very stressful. When you are the only parent staying at home, as any mother knows, an unforeseen plumbing or electrical error can cause your day to spiral. You will still need to feed, cloth, and pick up or collect your children from school, and they will still expect their ordinary treatment. Add a plumbing problem in that and you have a recipe for disaster. Every mother has a few shortcuts and hacks up her sleeve for everything under the sun, but oftentimes plumbing is a man’s game, so it is important that you have a hack up your sleeve for that, also! Professionals such as this Cambridge plumber encourage customers to learn and be prepared to prevent complications by spotting potential issues in their early stages. It is crucial to know how to differentiate when you need an expert and when you can put your hands on it yourself.

So here are a few tried and tested hacks for mothers to carry out in the comfort of their own homes!

Get a quote from a professional first

Many times, what seems like a routine problem easily solved by a hack is not. You should, as is recommended by government mandate, never attempt to amend plumbing problems alone at home if you are not trained in it. You can cause irreparable damage to your home and potentially make the problem much worse, and even put yourself in harm’s way. You should always consult a professional, like the ones in this URL, who can aid you in establishing the problem and how much it might just cost you. Even if you just get a quote and consult your partner it may be better than attempting to amend the problem yourself. But… when you need to fix it urgently and cannot afford a quote, hacks come in very handy.

Water spilling onto the floor? Perhaps it is your toilet bowl

It is a very common sight to walk into your bathroom and find a pool of water, either around your sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub. And, it is very common to assume the problem is an overspill from whoever used the bathroom last. Well, this can many times be a mistaken assumption and not amended can cause structural damage to your home through leaks and corroded pipes. To establish whether or not it is a leak from your toilet bowl or sink, add a few drops of food coloring into the toilet bowl or sink, run the tap, then come back an hour later and if there is food coloring on your floor you know where the source of the leak is coming from!

Improve your water pressure

Low water pressure can be a real bummer, especially when you have a house full of children to get washed and ready for school. Low water pressure can be caused by many different things, but most often is caused by a dirty and clogged shower head. The best way to amend this cantankerous problem, fill a sandwich bag with white spirit vinegar; make sure you use that specific vinegar as others will not work. With your vinegar filled sandwich bag, place it around your shower head and secure it in place with an elastic band. Leave the bag over your showerhead overnight and remove in the morning and voila, a sparkling, clean, showerhead, with normal water pressure.

How to unclog a drain?

Unclogging a drain can be simple and efficient. There is no need to rely on harmful chemical drain cleaners which damage your plumbing system and can be detrimental to your health if used in abundance, causing no end of toxic side-effects on both your neurological and respiratory system. Rather, flush your drain with water, freshly boiled from a kettle, half a cup of baking powder, and five minutes after you have done this a cup of vinegar. Your toilet bowl or drain will begin to fizz and froth up, release a terrible smell, which means it is working! Five minutes later, flush with water, and there you go! Your drain is officially clean! Although the pipes may not be…

An overabundance of water can be detrimental to your pipe’s overall health. When a pipe bursts or corrodes, many, many gallons of water can be dumped into your house, thus causing flooding and huge pools of water lying around everywhere. When this becomes a problem, you should cut off your water supply at the valve.

When you have turned off your valve you should consult a professional immediately. Unfortunately, this is not a problem you can correct yourself. A professional will not charge too much for this unless it is out of hours.

If money is scarce you should cut the water supply, clean up the mess, and wait until the morning before consulting a plumber, so as to avoid costly evening prices. You should always consult a professional of good repute to avoid costly scam artists and cowboy builders waiting to leech onto you and steal your money!

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