5 Fun Educational Activities to Do with Young Children

What are the best educational activities to do with young children?

educational activites for kids

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Are you looking for a fun activity young children will enjoy? And would you like to find an activity for them that also will be educational? Well, here you go. Here are five fun educational activities to do with your children.

Attend community festivals

Either in your community or in a community nearby, there is some type of festival usually taking place. These are great opportunities to enjoy quality time with children. You also should know these events can without a doubt be very educational for kids.

You can take young children to art festivals, cultural festivals, and music festivals. And you can take them to events like food and theater festivals. You also can consider festivals that commemorate holidays, time periods, and various industries. Sometimes you will be able to enjoy festivals without having to pay an admission fee. And even if you do, young children still get in for free or at least a discounted admission price.

Take them to a farm

Have you ever thought about taking children to a farm? Farms are great educational activities, and you and the kids will have a really good time, too. Some farms will even allow you and your group to get up close and personal with animals that live on the grounds.

You all will get to learn about various crops and the related growing needs. And the children that go with you will be able to learn about tractors and other farm machinery. Visiting a farm also is a great activity if you want to teach children about the environment, science, and sustainability. You also get to teach kids about the process of how food eventually ends up on their plates. Are you for some reason not able to travel? You have online virtual farm tours you can book.

Visit your state capitol

You also should think about taking children to their state capitol. And travel like this is very easy to organize you decide to schedule it. All you have to do is reach out to your state representative or state senator, and they will be able to help you. H/she will be able to organize for your group meet and greets with politicians. You all could take a tour of the capitol grounds, too.

This is a great activity to teach children about their state government. You can help them learn the process of how laws are developed. And you can introduce to them all of the other moving parts of the political process.

Explore museums

Don’t forget to think about museums. Museums in your community can be very fun to explore. And you can coordinate travel to the museum(s) of your choice out of town, too. Either way, you will unlock all kinds of educational opportunities suited for children. And id you know that sometimes the kids are admitted for free?

You should know museums are more interactive than ever, too. Some museums, for example, permit children in your party the opportunity to watch something like a stream table in action. Interactive displays like that can teach your group about engineering, geosciences, the environment, and water wildlife.

Make art

Even if you are not the most creative person, you can come up with some type of art activity young children will enjoy. If you somehow run into dead ends with this, you easily can find ideas with instruction. Turn to your local artists, art supply stores, art teachers for assistance. You also can find guidance online.

Ideas for you to consider are tie-dye parties, paper mache, and painting rocks. Creating canvas art, drawing people, and making items out of melted crayons are fun activities, too. And with art, you have so many educational opportunities to teach children about all kinds of different things. If you are on a very tight budget, you might even already have the needed supplies.

Five great options

Each of the above options is worthy of your consideration. Whichever idea you go with, you and the children with you will have a good time. You will be enjoying an educational experience, too.

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