5 Valuable Life Lessons to Teach Your Teen

5 valuable life lessons to teach your teen.

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Raising a teenager to be a functional adult goes far beyond simply the education that happens within the four walls of a school classroom. In addition to their formal education, you can prepare your teen for adulthood by making sure they leave the home with a host of practical life skills. Here are five life skills that your teen should have before launching into adulthood.

Basic cooking skills

Your teen does not have to be an expert cook to be capable in the kitchen. Teaching your child basic cooking skills will help them to achieve a sense of independence in the kitchen. You can start this instruction at an early age and build on it as they grow older. Teaching them how to master some of the most common kitchen appliances will go a long way in honing their abilities in the kitchen. It is essential that they learn safety skills in the kitchen. Be sure to also teach them how to grocery shop within a budget so that they can stretch their food dollar. Once they get home from the store with the food, teach them how to safely store their purchases. Along with learning how to prepare meals, your teen needs to know about healthy eating and the hazards of eating too much junk food.

Budgeting 101

Good budgeting skills will take your teen far in life. Start with teaching them about the importance of managing their money responsibly. As they become more mature, you can introduce more complex concepts such as investing and the power of compounding interest. Every teenager should know how to open a bank account, write a check, and how to use an ATM machine to deposit and withdraw cash. Teaching your child the importance of saving money and avoiding debt will help them to learn how to manage their money when they get out in the real world. It is better for them to make financial mistakes now when they do not come with such serious consequences.

Automotive skills

Learning to drive a car is one of the most important skills to develop as your teen strives to become more independent. With this new independence, it is also vital for your teen to gain automotive skills. Basic skills such as changing a flat tire, knowing what to do in the event of a collision, and simple vehicle maintenance skills will help them to feel more confident behind the wheel. Other things that they need to master include pumping gas and learning the ins and outs of vehicle registration and insurance. Learning how to donate a car will also empower your teen as they embark on this new journey in case they need to get rid of an old car. It will also help them learn about signing over a car title.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene skills go far beyond just your outward appearance. In addition to looking nice, teenagers need to understand the health implications of practicing good hygiene. Things to focus on include oral care such as proper teeth brushing and flossing, learning how to shave, the importance of daily bathing, deodorant use, and more. You will be doing your child a great favor if you stress these hygiene skills from an early age. This will make it a habit so that taking care of themselves will come naturally to them as they age.

Employability skills

There will come a time when your teen will be looking for a job. In addition to having the relevant skills and educational background, your teen will also need to have mastered some key employability skills. Essential skills to help your child develop include communication skills, technical knowledge, and work ethics. An employer will also find a job applicant more attractive if they can develop critical thinking skills. By encouraging your teen to develop these key skills, they will put themselves in a better position to snag that dream job.

It is your job as a parent to ensure that your teenager is equipped with all of these life skills. Raising a child to become a confident and competent adult is one of the best things that you can do for your family.

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