5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Hipster Mom

5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for your hipster mom.

mother's day gift for hipster mom

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Do you have a hipster mom? And are you unsure about what to give her for Mother’s Day this year? If you are faced with this type of situation, then you should check out this helpful list below. Here for your consideration are five Mother’s Day gifts for your hipster mom.


Most women love a stylish and functional handbag, and you should consider one for your mom this Mother’s Day. Your mother might already have told you about a handbag she would love, and you can, of course, try to find that product. But if you are not sure where to start, you should know there are great online resources that can help you with your efforts.

Start your search today for a handbag to give your mom this Mother’s Day. Bohemian handbags and other popular handbag styles are more affordable than you might think. And your hipster mom will more than likely love her gift.

Concert tickets

Does your mother love live music? Do you attend concerts with her? You can purchase concert tickets she can enjoy with her other hip friends, and you can purchase concert tickets for the two of you to enjoy together. You have all kinds of great resources if you decide to buy her concert tickets.

Look online and see if there are shows you know she would want to attend. You also can consider music festivals. And no matter your budget, you should be able to find some type of live music event that your hipster mom will enjoy.


Has your mom always dreamed of traveling to a certain destination? Is there a destination she normally travels to with you, other family members, or friends? Consider giving her travel this Mother’s Day.

You can book short getaways like weekend travel, and you also could think about more extended travel ideas. And since there are so many resources to help you choose travel plans for your mom, you can find something that will work with your budget. Just make sure you purchase travel insurance, should your mom need to change travel dates.


Do you know any hipster who does not like art? And your hipster mom likely does, too. Art is a great gift idea of any occasion, and that includes holidays you celebrate like Mother’s Day. Consider giving your mom art this year.

You can shop with your local art galleries, and you can find mass-produced art at locally owned businesses and larger retailers, too. Don’t forget you can find amazing deals online. And you also might want to get a piece of art created specifically for your mother. If there is an artist you want to support or if your mom has a friend who is an artist, you can ask them about any ideas they might have. You could even take on an art project by yourself and give that finished product to your mother.

Gift cards

If you have a hard time narrowing down your options and making your gift choice, you might want to go with a gift card or a few gift cards. This can help ensure your hip mom is able to get what she needs and wants this Mother’s Day. You can find gift cards for all kinds of items and services, and you can find them at various price points.

What does your mom enjoy? And what does she need? Take those questions into consideration, and you are sure to be able to find a gift card or cards your hipster mom will love. And don’t forget that your local mom and pop shops have gift cards, too. You do not have to go to larger retailers or look online for gift cards your mom will appreciate. You have all kinds of options you can consider.

5 great ideas

You have just learned about five great gift ideas for your hipster mom this Mother’s Day. No matter which idea you choose to go with, your mom will indeed love the gift you choose. And bookmark this page. You might need it for future reference and to get feedback from anyone who might be going in on the Mother’s Day gift with you.

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