Tips For Keeping Kids Busy With Picture Frames: How To

Tips for keeping kids busy with picture frames: how to.

picture frames how to
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When it comes to keeping kids busy, there is no question that it can be a challenge. Instead of stumbling to occupy them, take advantage of making memories! One idea is diving into different areas of crafting. It’s a way to connect with your children creatively and allow them to explore themselves. One unique medium to use for arts and crafts is picture frames. Many of us have them lying around the house, but if you don’t, you can always find picture frames online. Read below for some innovative ways to make something with your kids!

Create a photo display

One creative way to transform picture frames is using it for its primary role, to hold photos, just in a unique way. Start by finding a rather large one, eight by ten inches or larger, and disassemble it because you will only need the outside structure. Next, gather some twine or string, and something to secure the photos. The children can use tiny clothespins or decorative binder clips! Take the rope, and with parent’s help, hot glue the ends of the string to either side of the back of the frame to create different diagonal lines. These lines are for securing the photos with the clips. Have the kids pick photos they want to display and then help them hang their new creation to admire in their room!

Assemble a tray

Although there are different ways to showcase pictures in a frame, you can also alter them by changing their function. Many children love to play imaginary games such as running a household or even being a waiter in a restaurant. It’s a way for them to explore what adults do and can even help them adapt to the essential life skills they will need later in life. One idea that they can use for playing their restaurant games is a tray. Luckily, a picture frame will work perfectly. Start the project by letting them paint and decorate the outside frame however they want. Remove the glass and find a patterned piece of construction paper for the bottom of the tray. Then, with your guidance, help the kids secure two cabinet pull door handles across from one another. Now they have a functioning tray to deliver meals to their guests while playing the restaurant game.

Design a wreath

Another surprising way to craft with picture frames is making wreaths. Children can be productive with extra time by decorating their bedroom door or a wall in their room. For this project, you will only need the outside structure of the frame and can dispose of or repurpose the rest. Then, have the kids brainstorm what they want the theme to be. A particular holiday, something they admire, or maybe one with their initials. After they know what they want to make, have them paint the frame first, this will be the base of the wreath. Then using some strong glue, let them assemble whatever creative ideas they have in their mind. Add artificial flowers, a foam initial, colorful ribbons, sequins, and more! Allow them to put their imagination to the test to complete their wreath. To hang it, use the frame’s metal hardware or fasten the string to the top corners.

There are many ways to use some free time with your kids to create DIY craft projects with picture frames. Gather all of the supplies you need, and allow the children to explore their inner creativity through uniquely using the frames original function or changing it completely. Whatever they choose to use frames for, let them tap into their imagination and do something fun with you!

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