Safety Tips for Your Kids When You Buy a Battery Powered Car  

Safety tips for your kids when you buy a battery powered car.

battery powered car for kid

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In this modern-day and age, the toys that kids play with are very different from those that brought entertainment and enjoyment to the older generations. In the past, children were more into board games, playing outdoors, or toys that are mostly manually operated such as pullback cars or stuffed dolls. On the other hand, the toys that children play with nowadays are already infused with technological innovations which are no longer limited to toys such as battery-operated walkie talkies or remote-controlled cars, but with even more features. For instance, instead of a remote control device, there are toys that entail the need for you to install an app on your smartphone. Through the app, you will be able to turn on or turn off the toy and converse with your child based on the responses you key in the app. 

On the other hand, even if battery-powered cars have been around for quite some time now, the modern versions are incredibly the exact replica of the real cars on the road, not only aesthetically, but even in terms of the features. Take a look at the battery of Tesla power wheels which are made from lithium-ion. This is the same battery utilized by the actual vehicle, which not only charges faster but holds power longer too. Your kid can even infuse his ride with his favorite music because of the available auxiliary port in the vehicle, much like the actual unit does. If you are keen on buying a battery-powered car for your child, the safety tips below will definitely be of great help.

Consider your child’s age

The first safety tip that can greatly help keep your child safe with battery-powered cars is choosing a model that is age-appropriate. The model and safety features of each ride can greatly vary depending on the age of the children. Those made for toddlers are generally light and small. These cars also have limited features, such as being powered by a single button with only one speed. Nevertheless, these cars are designed to help toddlers and younger kids develop their motor skills.

There are also battery-powered cars made for preschoolers, which take into account that kids in this age group already have more advanced motor skills. Thus, the models of the cars for this age group offer more features like pedal operation or even working radios. The battery-operated cars for older kids already feature varying speeds that they can control depending on their preferences.

Build your own track

It is important to keep your children off the road when they are riding their battery-operated cars. For this reason, make sure that they only make use of their cars in appropriate venues such as in the park or an unused parking lot. Keep in mind that even sidewalks are not completely safe. Nevertheless, there are several battery-operated cars that work well even on the grass. So better yet, build your own track in your backyard as long as your space permits you to do so. This way, you are sure that your kids are safe whenever they ride their vehicles. 

In building your own track, you don’t really need a lot of materials. At the very least, all you need are some obstacles that will enhance the skill of your little one in maneuvering. You can use some of your potted plants to do so, but ensure that the pathway is still clear to your child. Conversely, you can get more creative using some recycled materials to make a track that looks like an official race track. 

Do charge the batteries yourself

Another safety tip that you should never forget is to charge the batteries of the car yourself and never let your child handle it. To ensure that you will keep the hands of your curious kid off the batteries of the car, it is best to store the vehicle in your garage when not in use. You can also designate a place for the car in your home, but make sure that this location is not within the proximity of any sockets.

Perhaps it is best to opt for models that allow you to take out the batteries for charging rather than those that can be plugged in directly on a wall. This minimizes the risk that your child will plug their ride on a socket by themselves. If you have older kids, it is best to teach them how to charge the batteries, but make it clear to them that they should never do so without your permission.

Let your child wear protective gear

Finally, make your child wear protective gear each time they take their vehicle out for a ride. Pick a comfortable helmet for them to wear in a design that they love, such that they will have the initiative to wear it rather than you having to force them to. Along with this, make sure that they wear their seatbelts too, as they cruise with their vehicles. It is best if your kid fits perfectly on the seat of the car, regardless of the material that it is made from. The important thing is that they won’t easily fall over in case they go over a bump on the road.

Make it a point to consider all the safety features of the toys you purchase for your children. When you buy a battery-powered car in particular, consider the age of your child because the design and style of the car will generally depend on how old your child is. A battery-powered car designed for the size and locomotor skills of a seven-year-old will definitely be inappropriate for a two-year-old. To keep battery-powered cars off the street, look for suitable places for them to ride such as in the park or in your backyard. Make sure to charge the batteries of the car yourself too. Oh, and remind your child to keep their helmets on at all times while they are riding.

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