Achieving a Modern Contemporary Look for Your Home

Achieving a modern contemporary look for your home with these simple steps.

modern contemporary look for your home

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When people think of modern homes, they often picture emotionless, minimalist interiors. Contemporary modern homes, however, take the clean lines and simplicity of modern design and add warmth and texture to create a stylish and, most importantly, comfortable home. A modern contemporary home is simple, sophisticated but is also fundamentally a space designed for living.

This guide will lay out the steps that you should follow to achieve a contemporary modern look. If you’d rather leave the design work to professionals, Stewart-Schafer can help you design a beautiful contemporary home.

Step one: the colors in your palette

The first step for achieving a modern contemporary look for your home is choosing the right color schemes. The main colors in your palette will be black, white, and neutral colors. The right combination of these will create a balanced, coherent space. The color of the walls will dictate the colors of the furniture and other fixtures and fittings. Neutral colored walls act as a canvas for bold colored furniture and textiles. In contrast, the same rules apply if you reverse the color scheme. Bold colored walls will make a strong statement, but the message can become complicated if the furniture and fittings are also outspoken. Calm the space with neutral colors when you furnish the room or choose artwork and window dressings. 

Step two: the right furniture

As explained above, the color of your furniture will depend on the color of your walls, but multi-colored pieces or complicated or floral patterns should be avoided. Every piece must be carefully selected and must serve a purpose in the overall effect of the room. Modern contemporary furniture is sleek but impactful. When you are choosing your lounge chairs, for example, look for stylish pieces with clean lines, uncomplicated design, and classic materials. There are some great selections online and you can click here to check out one of the favorite ranges of contemporary modern chairs. Modern contemporary furniture is quintessentially elegant and functional. Perfect lounge chairs are made from beautiful wood and leather which are classic materials for modern contemporary furniture. Metal and glass are also ideal materials for furnishing a modern contemporary space. 

Step three: bold lines and clean spaces

Bold lines are the defining feature of modern contemporary design and utilizing them correctly is the key to achieving the desired look. The most important thing is not whether the line is straight or vertical, but that it is strong. The first thing you must do is to use the lines that are inherent to the architectural structure of the space. Highlight the lines and angles of your window frames and leave brickwork exposed. Modern contemporary design proudly shows off the guts of the room, the pipes, and the beams, by painting them in bold colors to stand out against neutral walls. Modern contemporary homes still adhere to the fundamentals of modern design in which less is more. In between strong lines are clean spaces. Furniture should be uncluttered, artwork and ornaments utilized sparingly and with intent. Every item is necessary and has a purpose in filling the space. If in doubt, space should always be your default.

Step four: the right lighting

The next step in achieving a modern contemporary look for your home is to choose the right lighting. Lighting can be used to further embolden lines, to highlight space, or hide soft edges. Spotlights, recessed lights, and brushed metal and glass fixtures, can all be used to accentuate a sleek, minimalist space. Spotlights can be used to illuminate an interesting feature or piece of art. Recessed lights are the ultimate in understated simplicity and should be used where you don’t want to break up the space. A striking modern chandelier or ceiling fixture can be used as a statement piece hanging down from a high ceiling. 

Step five: the finishing touches

The last thing you need to consider is the artwork, ornaments, and other finishing touches that you need, to make the space a home. This is the big difference between a modern home and a contemporary home. It is with these finishing touches that you enhance the room by giving personality to the sleek, functional spaces. Artwork should be framed in black or white natural wood, and sculptures and ornaments should be made from stone, metal, and glass. To add the warmth that modern contemporary houses require, use quality fabrics for window dressings, and rugs and utilize geometric shapes with cushions or sculptures to intrigue the eye and inject personality into the room. Plants and flowers can be striking features, but be sure to contrast their irregular lines with simple pots for maximum effect. 

A modern contemporary home is the ultimate in stylish, comfortable living. Follow this guide and you will be able to create the perfect space, combining all the sleekness of modern design with the warmth of comfort that every home needs.

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