Easy Hobbies to Get into As a Mom

Easy hobbies to get into as a mom.

easy hobbies for mom

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. 

It’s so important to take time to care for yourself in the midst of all the screaming and soccer practices. Your child doesn’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy mom. 

Here are some easy hobbies you can pick up that don’t take a lot of time or planning and will still allow you to come back to yourself every day. 

Getting into self care

Self-care (as it’s portrayed on social media) can be so overwhelming! You mean we have to drink water, play with the kids, cook meals, answer calls and texts, clean the house, exercise, sleep 8 hours, meditate, do yoga, dress cute, slay at work, then come back home with a pleasant attitude every day??? NO! 

Self-care doesn’t always mean lavender-flavored masks, rose petals in the bath, a shimmery bath bomb, and a glass of red wine. Besides, no one ever talks about how UN-relaxing the cleanup is after those Instagram care-sessions anyway (nasty bathtub ring we have to clean now, hello). 

The good news is, you don’t have to do everything every day. Just pick one good self-care thing for yourself, once a day. Heck, we’ll even take 3x/week. 

Take the time to love you, and pour into yourself with a hobby or something you love, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. But, let’s be honest – with the 7.3 free minutes you have to yourself every day, you’re not trying to do something crazy like learn the piano or guitar.

Something musical

Music has been proven to destress your body and rewire your brain in positive ways. Also, depending on what you’re playing, you can also relieve a lot of anger and passion for music (Screamo, anyone?). Several instruments are super easy to play, like the harmonica, ukulele, or the drums. The start-up cost might be a little pricey to get the instruments, but you can always go for used.  Check out used cymbals at DCP and start up your one-woman mom band! You can also always sing – that is FREE!

Something healthy 

Anything that gets your heart rate up and body moving around for about 30-ish minutes is considered healthy. It can be dancing around the living room with your toddler or playing tag or hide-n-go-seek. You can follow Zumba videos or Yoga on YouTube. You can start biking or walking outside. Another less popular contender is running! It’s free and easy (ish), and you can take it anywhere. 

Something yummy

This one is a twofer – cooking! Have fun with cooking and allow it to become something fun in your life rather than a chore you have to complete. Start a hobby of looking up fun recipes and making unique meals for yourself. Creating something new is always an accomplishment, and this way, you’re also feeding the family. If grocery shopping is a time concern, you can always have groceries delivered to your door!

Something crafty 

Don’t be swayed by society’s old-lady portrayal of knitting and embroidery: making beautiful things with your hands is an accomplishment and a great way to spend your spare time. It’s quiet and relaxing, and allows your mind to rest. If you get quite good at it, it can double as gift giving around holiday season too. 

Something quiet

The recent self-care wave has had a lot to say about practices like meditation, and they’re all positive. Meditation can have a positive effect on your mood, heart health, systemic health, sleep patterns, and much more. It doesn’t take much. Even 5 minutes a day with yourself can make a huge difference. There are tons of free apps online that can help you learn how. 

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