Popular Birthday Party Themes for Spring

What are popular birthday party themes for spring?

popular birthday party themes

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Every little girl dreams of having a glamorous birthday party. But as you get older, it can be challenging to have that party you were so excited about. If you are thinking about throwing a party and know what the most popular themes are for spring, this article will help you choose your party’s theme so that it is not only fun for you and your guests, but the people at the party, too. It is a good idea to consider what the typical themes for this season are so that you can determine which ones to use for your party and how to incorporate them into your party’s decor and theme. A specialist like Evengo will be able to help you!

You don’t want to spoil your birthday all because you chose a very weird or lousy theme. Therefore, you need to do your research thoroughly on what’s trending. If it’s your birthday, look deeply into your personality and interests.

Let’s look at some popular birthday themes for spring.

Kids spring themes

The most popular trend in kids’ spring birthdays is to include a lot of colors. Whether you are going to use balloons, charts or cloth, color is of significant importance.

Rainbow party

A rainbow party is one that’s based around a vast number of colors. Whether you decide to make it a sparkle rainbow party or a rainbow and cloud crafting party, it doesn’t change the fact that you need to include a lot of color in your party. Let your food be colorful and serve on colorful plates. Include colorful decorations and have your dress code for your birthday be in many colors. This is a popular theme for kids’ spring birthday parties.

There are many popular spring party themes to choose from for your child’s birthday. The following are a few examples.

Farm-based party

This party includes a lot of fresh farm products such as fruits, vegetables, and milk. So, if you intend on throwing a good spring party for your child’s birthday, this is a popular theme. Make sure to be creative in how you play around with the theme. The way you are going to serve your food should reflect your farm theme. For instance, you can have your milk saved from cow-shaped containers. Or, you can ask someone to pose as a farmer and serve your guest fruits from a market-like structure.

Fairy party

This kind of theme is based on a fairy tale or movie. You can manipulate the theme in your decoration, your dress code, and even serving equipment. Fairy tale stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, and even movies like Frozen are commonly used.

Cake theme

Be it spring, summer, or winter birthday parties, most people are taking much interest in the design of the cake. Most people now prefer numbered cakes with an added touch of color.

Teenage spring themes

When it comes to teenage spring parties, it’s the nature of the party that’s of great essence. These parties are usually colorful and outdoors

Pool party

This is a very popular theme in spring as the weather will still be warm. Having a pool party is the way to go about your teenage party in spring. Your party is, in turn, going to involve a mesmerizing pop of color alongside cool refreshments. You can always play water games and enjoy some background music of your choice. Filling your pool with custom-made inflatables is another way of organizing a trendy and memorable party. By inflatable, we mean not only ring tubes but also waterslides, water hammocks, inflatable unique shaped floaties, beach balls, etc. If your teen wants to have a particular theme party, usually ordinary pool floaties will limit their imagination, while custom inflatables will bring to life even the impossible ideas of kids.

Hollywood glamour

This can be most successful if you are hosting a night party. This kind of party involves some red-carpet type of dressing alongside some glamorous photoshoots. Hence this kind of spring theme is going to require both you and your guests to dig deep into your pockets in order for it to be successful.

Beach party

A beach birthday party is a very popular way to celebrate your spring teenage birthday. Make sure to hire a very good DJ to keep the party vibes going. This kind of theme allows your birthday to be so full of color and liveliness, apart from it being so relaxing and refreshing.

Adult spring themes

As we grow to become adults, we tend to shift our focus on what makes us happy and on the things of prime importance. This also applies to how we choose to celebrate our birthdays. In most adult spring birthday celebrations, it’s the party theme that is of great significance. We can categorize a party theme into two categories, which are indoor and outdoor parties.

Outdoor parties

If you happen to be an outdoor person, here are a few examples of some popular spring themes for your adult birthday party.

Hosting a backyard barbecue and bonfire

This is a very popular theme if you are also a night person. You can enjoy a day of barbecue in your backyard as you chill on the grass or on some pillows with the guests. You can continue the celebrations at night by hosting a bonfire. Most people prefer to sit around, have conversations, and reflect on their experiences around a bonfire. You can always make things more interesting by, singing and dancing around the fire. This is a trendy spring theme as the weather will be perfect for hosting this kind of birthday party.


As you grow up, you’ll find that you hardly have any time to just go out and relax. How about you spoil yourself on your spring birthday with a camping trip? The night weather will be so cool and you can use this opportunity to enjoy some good nighttime under the stars with friends.

Indoor parties

If you are an indoor person, the following are some examples of popular spring themes for you that you can use on your birthday.

Wine tasting

You can invite a couple of friends and enjoy some authentic wine tasting. Use this opportunity to taste that expensive wine you have always wanted to taste. This is a trendy spring birthday party theme.

Spa party

This is an excellent way you might want to consider when thinking about how you want to spend your spring birthday party. Give yourself a break on your birthday. Go out to a spa or host a party in your compound and hire some experts. Make sure to sit back and relax while you enjoy your special spa treatment. Make sure to include some food treats at your party.


The most crucial thing at the end of the day is that you make your birthday or the birthday you are planning a day full of fun and eliminate any form of stress. Therefore, it’s always good to do those things you love on your birthday and make it unique. Remember, it only comes once a year.

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