Make Moving Easier for You and Your Little Ones

Make moving easier for you and your little ones.

how to make moving easier

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Moving can be a tough, yet exciting time for the entire family. Kids may take the brunt of the stress as they fear all of the new changes. We’ve got some tips on how to make moving easier with your little ones.

Communication is key

Little kids have a hard time processing moving many times. It’s important to talk to them about the changes. They may not fully understand the concept they will no longer be living in their home so you need to communicate with them as much as possible. Talk to them about everything that is happening. Prepare them for the new adventure. Help them understand nothing in your family is changing, it’s just a different location. You can even include them in the search for a new house depending on their age and interest. For instance, you could include them when searching for houses online. However, they may be more worried about moving their toys than finding a new house. Ensure all of the things they love in the house will be in the new house. They may ask a million questions. This is normal. Be ready to answer those questions as honestly as possible.

Playdate time

Many kids love meeting new friends. Reiterate to your child that they won’t be losing their old friends, but gaining new ones as well. Set up playdates with local moms through a Facebook or other meet up group so your children can meet the others in the area. You might be next-door neighbors with their future best friends. It’ll be a good experience for both you and your children to meet and play with the new neighborhood folks.

Be patient

Some children don’t like change. You might do everything right with preparation, but they might still begin to act out. Let them express their concerns. Even if they don’t talk much, they might be acting out in other ways. They feel powerless, so it’s a scary time for them. Pick your battles. Don’t jump on them for every little thing. When they get a little out of control, sit them down and talk to them calmly. They’ll understand you’re trying to be patient if you can just get to the root of what’s going on. They may not even understand they’re showing anxiety.

Stick to routine

Little ones thrive off routine. They don’t like it when things don’t go on schedule. Make sure to stick to your routine as closely as possible during this time. They already feel like their little world is flipped upside down. Help them feel in control by still doing things as close to schedule as possible. Talk to them about their new routine at the new house. Explain things will be the same regarding time. They don’t want to worry about their new world.


It’s best to leave the children’s things for last when packing. They’ll want their favorite toys and things that make them feel comfortable for as long as possible. As you begin to pack, let them help with the process. They can fill boxes with toys and clothing. They’ll feel included, and they’ll help make it a little fun. Play music and sing as you pack their room. Talk about all of the adventures you’ll have in the new place. Make sure they understand all of these things will be unpacked as soon as you get to the new place. This helps them feel in control that their things aren’t leaving forever.

Throw a goodbye party

A goodbye party is not only perfect for kids of all ages but lets you get to say goodbye to neighbors and friends as well. This isn’t goodbye forever, this is just goodbye for a few extra miles. Have a lot of fun sharing memories about your time in the home. This gives kids a chance to close the door literally and figuratively on that chapter of life. Even if they’re a toddler, they’ll have a few memories of the home forever. Make the goodbye party something special for them to take into the next chapter of their home life.

Moving doesn’t have to be a scary time. Moving can instead be a new and exciting time as you get ready for the next chapter in life. The good news is that you have help to get you and your family through the move! Reach out to your other family, friends, or even your realtor for help if you need it! Celeste Huss, a Logan, Utah real estate agent, says that the most important part of working with a realtor is to know that they’re, “to help.” Otherwise, the best news is that kids usually adjust much faster than adults, so they’ll probably be the ones leading the welcome parade to meet your new neighbors.

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