Getting Ready for a Family Road Trip?

Getting ready for a family road trip? Keep these 5 points in mind.

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Photo by Marisol Casben on Unsplash

Even as the world deals with the ongoing pandemic, it’s hard to put life entirely on hold. People still need to work, help their kids with school and go on trips they planned far in advance. 

Your family may have planned a trip like this back before the virus became such an issue. Even though many states have issued shelter-in-place orders that prevent vacations and large gatherings, you can still go on the road if it’s necessary. You might have to take care of family members who can’t care for themselves, for example.

If you’re getting ready for a family road trip, keep these five points in mind before you head out. You’ll pack everything you need and arrive prepared, so you can enjoy your time with loved ones while you isolate together.

Keep the kids entertained

Depending on the length of your upcoming road trip, you’ll need to keep your kids entertained in the car. A couple of hours may pass quickly with some coloring books, tablet games, and a nap. Eight hours or more of sitting in the car will prove to be more challenging.

Think about what your kids like to do at home to help them have fun on the road. They can bring their favorite toys and movies, and have more screen time if they want. 

You can also give them a few trays so they can make playdough figurines, too. It all depends on what your children enjoy and what would seem interesting to them after they’ve sat for a few hours in the same seats.

Bring extra health and safety supplies

When you pack for a traditional road trip, you include basic health supplies like pain killers, bandages and road sickness medication. It’s good to leave home prepared for anything that could happen on the road, especially when you have kids.

During the coronavirus pandemic, you should bring a few extra items that could help your family feel better. People of all ages have exhibited various coronavirus symptoms that you can handle with the right supplies, even in a car. 

Pack things like tissues, fever-fighting medication and any extra inhalers you might have for family members with asthma. It’ll help you be prepared in any situation, making your trip easier for everyone.

Pack additional clothes

You never know when you could need extra clothes on a road trip. Your kids might spill something on their lap in the car or get dirty when they’re playing at your destination. 

Extra clothes are always smart to bring, especially in a season like spring, when the weather is cold one day and warm the next. If you or one of your kids has a suit they need to wear for a special occasion, take care to hang it up in the car. No reason to worry if it wrinkles, though, as there are many ways to de-wrinkle a suit without professional help.

Look for local trails

While you’re visiting family members, you’ll want to find things to do. It’s tempting to head out to town and see the nearby tourist attractions or popular spots, but you’ll find most closed by state or federal mandate.

The good news is you can still look for local trails and enjoy the great outdoors with your loved ones. Many remain open because the fresh air helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, and people want to stretch their legs after staying inside all day. 

As long as your family practices social distancing guidelines, it’s safe for everyone to explore nature together and see gorgeous wildlife views.

Remember outdoor games

Children often complain during road trips that they’re bored. It happens mostly when they feel restless, which can occur even after you’ve reached your destination. 

That’s why it’s smart to remember simple outdoor games you can do almost anywhere. Bring a baseball for the kids to toss at road stops or chalk for four-square in the driveway at your family member’s house. Anything that catches their attention and helps them use all their energy will make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

Enjoy every moment

Tips like these will prepare you for your upcoming road trip and help you enjoy every moment before you go home. Pack emergency supplies, look for local trails and come up with fun games everyone can play together. 

You’ll make the most out of your road trip and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

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