Cool Home Projects To Do With Kids Over The Weekend

5 cool home projects to do with kids over the weekend.

home projects to do with kids

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There’s nothing quite as special as the memories you and your family make. They’ll last a lifetime. It’s also nice to have physical representations of the memories you all make. This is why it’s a great idea to partake in really fun home projects on the weekends. If you’re not sure where to get started, consider the following five ideas.

Family mural

Murals are often seen on the sides of buildings. However, it could be really cool to see a mural on the inside of your home too. If you have a den or a rec room, consider using one of the walls for a mural. In order for everyone to participate, you’ll want to consider the fact that everyone might not be artistically inclined. However, everyone can join in. Get an overhead projector. Then, find a beautiful picture of your family. Place it in front of the projector so that it shines on the wall. Allow a few people to trace the photo. After the markings are traced, mix various paint colors to create the perfect shades. As you all paint the wall, it’ll look as though a professional did the job. If you know how to trace, you can complete a project like this. Granted, it might take a few weekends to complete. However, the finished product will look stunning.

Soap making

With popular websites like Pinterest and YouTube, so many people love the idea of creating their own beauty products. One product that everyone needs is soap. Spend an afternoon with various ingredients to make luxurious bars of soap. In addition to the standard soap-making bases, purchase items like shea butter and coconut oil to use in the soap. Add drops of essential oils like lavender and rose in order to get a beautiful scent. Mix berries, flowers, and other natural ingredients to add beautiful colors and scents to the mix.

You all can store the excess soap in a cool, dry place. Place the bars in all of the bathrooms in the home. You can even wrap a few in pretty packaging to give others as gifts. Goats Milk Soap is a great soap for first-time soap makers and there are tons of great benefits that goat milk provides for your skin.


Smartphones contain some of the most awesome cameras. A great project involves creating an art gallery in your home. Give each family member a smartphone, a standard camera or a disposable option. Then, you all can walk to a local park. During your trip, allow everyone to take the time to take photos. As you all take photos, you’ll be able to see everyone’s perspectives in their prints. You’ll also get a chance to get outside to enjoy nature. Once the trip is over, take a look at all of the photos. Everyone can vote on the ones they like the most, but everyone gets to feature one of their photos in the gallery. If you’re looking for a professional way to display them, there is a professional canvas printing service in Canada that does custom prints on canvas boards and other materials so you can print all of your amazing pictures. Hang them up to create a gallery wall. Under each photo, you can include a small blurb that credits the original photographer of each photo.

Stained glass window

While it can be pretty costly and dangerous to install stained-glass windows with young children, there’s a safer way to enjoy the beauty of stained glass. Find a window in the house where lots of light comes through. Then, use that window as the option for the stained glass feature. Once you’ve created a color palette, cut up small pieces of tissue paper. Create your own designs to create a feature that looks like a mosaic of broken glass. You can also use craft paper to get the look you’re desiring. Whether it’s in one of the kids’ rooms or in the home office, fill a window with the faux stained glass for unique interior decoration.

Family garden

A family garden is such a perfect way to get some exercise, spend time together and enjoy some organic food. As a family, consider the fruits and vegetables you all enjoy the most. Then, set aside a plot of land in the backyard for a garden. There’s nothing like being able to grab a few fresh tomatoes, avocadoes and peppers in order to create fresh salsa and guacamole for Taco Tuesday dinners.

Family time is so important because it’s an opportunity to connect, learn more about each other and show how much you care about one another. As you take time to make your home more special, these projects will bring you all together.

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