Best Areas to Live in Edinburgh for Your Family

What are the best areas to live in Edinburgh for your family?

best areas in Edinburgh to live

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A home is a vital, unavoidable, as it is the only roof that makes us feel protected in the vast, unpredictable world.  If it is so essential, definitely its location is a significant concern. As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is irreplaceable in importance. It is progressive in every sense. Career options, urban lifestyle, culture, infrastructure, tourism, science, etc. etc. etc. It is famous for its importance on historical monuments that are scattered beautifully across the area.

No doubt, just like the capital of any other state, Edinburgh gets in the notice of numberless people to become their home. This concern pulls attention towards the need to know the most promising areas in the city that are suitable to live.  

Are you also looking for a corner in the city to live in? 

Then for sure, you may have many types of confusion on the best areas to live. They all will get clear after you read this. Take a look, and you can make a better choice to find a spot in the city where you can buy your roof of safety and surety.

Stockbridge – for those who can survive on their business

Embraced by natural beauty, Stockbridge is majorly a residential area but in proximity to the city center. Many small businesses flourish here in village-like life. Bars, boutique shops, restaurants, meat shops, pre-schools, pottery, etc. can get a good platform here to grow.

In the name of the property, you will find here –

  • Traditional style flats
  • Townhouses
  • Villas

As some universities are also there, if your child has grown up enough for higher studies, you can plan to shift here. Many students live here for the same purpose. The simple living culture and distance from the chaos of urban jungles make this place a right spot for buy-to-let properties. Mortgages are also available for the purpose. However, due to the fluctuation of the prices in the real estate market because of the Brexit Buzz, you may need to find an online mortgage broker in Edinburgh. It can help to find the best deal in the least possible time.

Cramond – The area of middle-class families

Oh, yes, it is. Those who cannot afford expensive properties but still want to stay in the mainstream of development can consider Cramond. However, this place is a mix of expensive as well as modest houses and whatever is your choice, it can be fulfilled here.

The area has good secondary and primary schools and families with little humans can easily find good options here. The prices of the properties have changed a bit in the last three months. The bigger houses have not changed much, but the flats have experienced a higher cost.

Marchmont – made for the students and their loved ones

You can see many student visitors with their parents seeking their place of permanence here. The prices are not very high, and families like to live here for the educational purpose of their children.

Majorly people like to buy a house here for the two-in-one importance of the place –

  • To live in the area until their child completes his/her degree
  • After the child is done with the studies, people use that area as an investment property by giving it on rent to other students.

The number of residents is expected to increase year by year. The people call it a place of profit because of the two reasons mentioned above.

New Town – area with peace and certainty

A place famous internationally for Christmas celebration, this place is home to many factories. It does not mean that the place is not suitable to live as the factories provide employment to many. Certainly, not those who are interested in touching the heights of ambition can live here.

However, those who are freelancers and can manage work from home thing pick this place. There are many charity shops and those in love with social work can buy their nest here. This place is specifically advisable for those who are on sabbatical and want to buy an affordable house.

Newington – known as the best place to live and here is the reason

It is known as the finest place to live in Edinburgh. That should give certainty to you if you are looking for a place to live. The area has all the necessary shops and clubs and pubs. It means the place is perfect for the older ones due to the shop factor and also for the younger ones due to the club, pub factor.

The one factor that you may need to consider here is that the property prices are rising a bit. You may need to do a bit long research on the available options on the affordability parameter. One big reason is that Newington has been considered as one of the best places to live in Edinburgh in 2020.

If you are planning to buy a property for your family here, it is the right time. Hurry up, start your search now, and find your spot of rest in the area. Local agents can help you find the best home and the brokers in the area can bring you a suitable deal.


Whatever locations are mentioned above are fluctuating on the cost part. Some are very cheap while some are gaining pace on the price factor. But one thing is clear: whatever is the situation; currently, the time is perfect to buy a property.

If today you start searching for the flat, it may take one to two months in just finding the property. Rest of the time goes in the mortgage part, which is (as you know) quite time consuming due to lengthy procedures. Do not forget to find reliable mortgage brokers, to give you an idea; they are the ones that take no fee from the borrowers. They take their payments, charge or whatever from the lenders only.

Go ahead, take your action, make your decision any buy your very own dream home. Explore all the places and areas of Edinburgh and if you want more options, visit here.

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