How to Design a Baby Room with Baby Blankets

How to design a baby room with baby blankets and other accessories?

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We have received several questions on this topic, so we’ve decided to bring you some useful tips on how to set up a baby room. The dilemmas are related not only to the colors but also to the overall organization. From the type of furniture to the most beautiful colors to use for your baby boy room décor, and right down to the best baby blankets to go for, there are quite a couple of aspects to consider.

And since most parents also tend to think about the future, they need to make sure that what they decide now will be viable in a couple of years ahead. But the toddler will grow up and go to kindergarten, and to school, the baby room must be primarily well ventilated (windows that can be opened), well heated (constant temperature of 20ºC), and have a comfortable bed, equipped with a suitable mattress.

Thus, the first things you need to consider before putting in practice any baby room ideas are hygiene and health — fresh air and a fluffy mattress, linens, fabrics without mites, and as little dust as possible. For hygiene, you can also use muslin swaddle blankets which will let your baby sleep in a comport any time of the season. And with all these being said, let’s breakdown some cool newborn baby room decorating ideas.

Consider buying a rocking chair

During their life, babies go through different stages. Between 0 and 6 months, they will need a very intimate and cozy environment. Then, between 6 and 12 months, they will have to adjust to the family rhythm and start imposing their own rhythm (sleep, food, activity), so that up to 3 years of age, they can start exploring everything around.

Until one year old, the baby is mostly dependent on the parents to be able to move around the house. The organization of the baby room will have to be done according to the needs of the parents. In addition to the crib, at least one comfortable armchair will be needed, with a laid back seat for extra comfort. There are quite a couple of lovely rocking chair models available on the market at very affordable prices. They will not only make everything much more comfortable for the mom but will also add to the overall value of the baby boy room décor.

Baby room furniture

Now, when it comes to the baby room furniture if you come to think about it, what will disappear the fastest the room will be the crib. Therefore, when you want to make the shelves or have the suspended pieces of furniture, think about the fact that soon, you will be able to replace the baby crib with a small study desk.

The single bed and the closet will remain in position. The center of the room should be free because it will be the baby’s future playground. Try to organize the baby room around it, and, if the outlets are hidden and protected, even better. In an infant room, there are generally three main functional areas — the sleeping area, the storage room (baby room accessories and toys), the playing area, and the study desk. Try to choose furniture or order one that will meet these future requirements.

Baby room colors

As for the colors and wall decorations, the safest way is to adopt a neutral palette of warm grays, warm beige in combination with the white tones (furniture and white textiles). Why do we say that? Because in general, all other baby room accessories will be extremely colorful. Thus, in a neutrally decorated room, the toys are better observed, attract more attention, but also become part of the decor. On the other hand, the neutral colors leave enough room for further redecoration. When the toddler grows, it will be much easier to apply the stickers and posters on the walls and to choose the curtains, carpets, and colored linens than changing the entire baby room painting.


And this pretty much sums up our list of cozy and easy-to-achieve baby room ideas. From baby room furniture to baby room accessories, this type of organization should leave you enough space for everything, not to mention easy adjustments as your toddler grows up. But let us know your thoughts on the ideal baby boy room décor, and if you have more cool suggestions, please do share!

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