How To Design And Maintain A Clean House

How to design and maintain a clean house? 4 brilliant time-saving tips for busy moms.

maintain clean house

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Maintaining a neat and spotless home while at the same time raising kids, preparing meals, running errands, juggling work, trying to socialize, doing some exercises and enjoying some ‘me time’ is definitely a challenging task for most of the moms nowadays. It is not a rare occurrence that many moms sacrifice their ‘me time’ as well as time for friends and socializing in order to assure their kids have healthy, freshly prepared meals to eat in a flawless, dust and dirt-free home, as it takes a lot of their time. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that, you just need to develop a proper cleaning routine and have in mind some super time-saving cleaning tips and tricks for busy moms

Make some priorities

When it comes to speed cleaning tips for busy moms it’s important to make some priorities as not all the house chores are equally significant on a daily basis. You should always focus first on chores that can have negative health consequences on you and your kids and only then move to the ones that don’t impose a health hazard. Decide what needs to be done every day, every week or perhaps twice a month and stick to your priorities. You should try avoiding spending all or most of your free time cleaning and instead try spending that time enjoying yourself with your family. For example, if you’re leasing a property and the lease is about to end or you’re planning to move out, you shouldn’t waste both your time and money on this thorough cleaning process. Instead, you should consider hiring bond cleaning services who will do that job professionally for you. In that way, you can spend your free time doing something fun with your family and you can assure getting your bond money back at the same time. 

Include the whole family

In order to make your job as a working mom easier, you should try including your whole family in the process, because you’re not a machine which can do everything by itself. Each family member should have their own age-appropriate chore(s) they need to do every day or every week. This can help you and your family a lot. Plus, it also teaches your kids to be responsible and to acquire healthy working habits. These chores can be simple as cleaning their own room, tidying up their toys, laying the table, making their bed and taking out the trash. After all, a clean home equals a clean mind, and thus a happy and healthy family, both physically and mentally. 

Clean as you go

Many moms, and people generally, make a mistake by leaving the entire cleaning process for the weekend. And the weekend is the only time most people have free to spend with their loved ones, but instead, they end up cleaning the house the whole day. The best way to avoid this mistake is to clean as you go. This means cleaning the things you can right away. For example, when you finish eating, store the leftover food (if any!) in the fridge, clean the table right away, and put the dishes away in the washing machine. Also, if an accident happens, clean it right away. Put the dirty clothes in the hamper, don’t just pile it up on the chair. Doing these things right away doesn’t take up much of your time but it helps you a lot in the sense that you do the chores little by little every day and you don’t end up with tones of housework at the weekend. 

Develop a practical and functional routine for you

When it comes to organized and quick regular cleaning of your home, the most important thing is to develop a routine and stick to it. If you know exactly what to do and in what order to do it, you save precious time. The key is being prepared both physically and mentally. For starters, you can fashion a checklist or find one online and adapt it to your own needs. You can also keep cleaning supplies available in a few places around the house, which will make them easily and quickly accessible for you anytime. 

A clean home is simply a must but people often consider a must to be tedious. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can try making cleaning fun and enjoyable process for the whole family by playing some music along the way and offering some rewards the whole family to enjoy in. In that way, the house will be clean, the kids will be well taught and the mom will be more relaxed.

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maintain clean house


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