6 Fun Ideas for Family Adventures

6 fun ideas for family adventures.

ideas for family adventures

Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

Looking for fun ways to bond with your family? Keep kids engaged by shaking up the routine and have an adventure. Head out of the house and follow this list of tips to add some adventure to your life and create memorable moments for the entire family.

Take a memorable vacation

If you’re having trouble planning ways to entertain the family on a long weekend, consider taking one of the many popular 3 day cruises. While on board the ship, each member of the family will be able to find appealing entertainment options. These short cruises take passengers to sunny destinations like Key West and the Bahamas. Relax while the crew transports you to these beautiful locations where you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

Explore nature

Grab the kids and head to the great outdoors to get some fresh air and bond together. A hike in the woods will give you great exercise and may even test your skills of navigation. Find a new hiking trail and spend the day exploring it. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment by hiking to a destination such as a waterfall, cliff or magnificent view. If you’re creative, set up an outdoor treasure hunt for your kids to complete. Finding the items will be a reinforcing activity and will keep kids outside to hunt for more. Spending time in nature is both relaxing and stimulating and provides a great backdrop for family bonding.

Have an animal encounter

Everyone can agree that animals are great, and spending the day interacting with animals can be exciting for the whole family. Spend a day at a local zoo watching the animals eat, play and mingle. If your family prefers aquatic animals, check out your nearest aquarium. If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, take the kids to see aquatic life in its natural habitat. Depending upon your location, various wildlife tours are often available to allow you to get up close and personal with animals. Not only will these types of experiences provide family fun, but they will also teach your kids the value of animal life and create better stewards of the planet for the future.

Get creative

For creative families, there are plenty of options for self-expression for people of all ages. Find a local art studio that offers family-oriented classes. There are plenty of paint-your-own pottery locations throughout the country, but you might find something locally owned that offers classes or open studios. Alternatively, a family cooking class could bring out your inner chef. When given the right instructions and materials, it’s fun to see what parents and kids alike can do in the kitchen.

Get active

Rock climbing is becoming a popular pastime, and many cities have rock climbing facilities that offer climbs for all skill levels. If you feel more comfortable staying at ground level, consider visiting an ice-skating rink or your local bowling alley. If you want to really get a workout, check out local family fitness classes. Exercising as a family makes a fun experience out of something that could otherwise be seen as a chore. Your kids are likely to be more active if you’re active so encourage your kids to get up and move whenever possible.

Visit a museum

Small towns and big cities alike have cultural attractions that will allow your family to learn while having fun. Art museums can bring kids in contact with visual history, and some even offer programs that allow kids to create art to take home. Science museums often have hands-on activities with interactive exhibits that encourage inventive thinking. For lovers of nature, anthropological museums often contain exhibits that outline the natural history of our planet, including its plants and animals. You and your kids will find that expanding the mind through learning can be a great adventure in itself.

Family adventure comes in many forms. No matter what you decide to do, get out and explore! From museum visits to family getaways, your kids will appreciate these bonding experiences and will remember them for years to come.

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