Prepping for an Active Family Spring Break Vacation

How to prepare for an active family spring break vacation?

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

If you’re used to just throwing a few things into a suitcase before your trip, it’s time to give that method up. Now that you have a family, you need to pack well and plan better, especially if you have an active vacation in front of you. In order to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable, don’t forget to prepare everything from your body and mind to your car and food. Don’t know where to start? Here’s what to do in order to have a comfortable active family spring break vacation. 

Exercise your body

No matter what level of active you’re planning to be during your spring break vacation, you still need to be prepared physically. Of course, you don’t have to go running every day or pump iron like crazy, but if most of your day is spent sitting behind a desk, you’ll want to boost your activity levels. A great way to get fitter is to grab your family and go for organized walks four or five days a week. Or, you can hop on your bike and have a nice family outing. This part of the trip prep process will ensure you and your family can handle all the fun activities you’re planning to do. It will also minimize discomfort and injuries. 

Learn a few things about your destination

You need to prepare your body, but don’t neglect your mind either. Sit down as a family and read about your spring break destination. If you’re going somewhere exotic or far away from home, you will be surprised by how many differences there are in culture and environment. New sights, sounds, smells and people could be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. If you’ll be hiking, road tripping or exploring a lot, make sure to read about weather conditions, wildlife, and rules and check out maps. Even small kids can benefit from this preparatory activity. Youngsters can look at photos and join in on the excitement of your trip. 

Prepare your car

If you’re hitting a destination near you, the best way to explore it is with your car. But, stop hoping for a breakdown-free and smooth road trip—make it happen! Get your car checked out before you embark and do some basic car maintenance that will prevent disasters from staining your trip. Make sure to book an exam with a professional so that they can look at your battery, check the tires, top off fluid levels, test brakes and click into the wiring. And you need to ensure your car is safe on the road and once you arrive. Keep your ride safe with a practical car cover that will protect it from wet weather, dust, pollutants, and harsh sun. If you’re hitting a stormy area, choose a durable cover that can protect your car even from hailstones. 

Prepare your outfits 

Packing for a chill beach vacation is really easy—bathing suits, flip flops, tees, and shorts are all you need. But, if you’re planning an active spring break adventure, you’ll need to be a little smarter. When it comes to clothing, it’s best to think in terms of layers, no matter if you’re hitting Norway, France or Australia. Choose breathable, non-cotton clothing, especially when it comes to base layers. This will ensure you’re warm and dry. Also, don’t forget to pack a rain jacket for every member of the family—these can be literal lifesavers when unexpected weather hits. Good shoes are also essential; just make sure to break them in before your trip. Blisters can ruin an active vacation faster than anything! 

Start food-prepping 

If you love to eat well on the road and want to save a few bucks on overpriced roadside restaurants and gas station snacks, you need to prepare some food for your trip. Luckily, this is not as hard of a task as it might seem. Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll need to pack a few meals. Start with some protein like jerky, hard-boiled eggs, ground turkey and protein powder shakes. You’ll also need some veggies—cucumber, bok choy, and various stir-fried veggie combos are very practical. And don’t forget about rice and oats for carbs! You can also pack some healthy snacks like fruit (apples travel well, but bananas and pears give you plenty of energy) and nuts for healthy fats. Chocolate and some oatmeal cookies are great desserts that will last you and your family a long time on the road. So, buy a bunch of containers, go grocery shopping and you’ll have plenty of healthy meals to keep you fit and strong as you travel. 

Preparing for a spring break trip with kids in tow is not an easy task. Your first time might be a little chaotic, but every next time will be easier and more comfortable. So, keep these preparation tips in mind and you’ll surely have an unforgettable trip you and your kids will never forget. 

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