8 Inspirational Furniture Ideas For Baby Room

8 inspirational furniture ideas for baby room.

furniture ideas for baby room

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Giving birth to a child is nothing short of a miracle. Women have to deal with a lot of hardships during their pregnancy and to add to their challenges; the baby’s room also has to be designed. 

However, because of the love of our children, these tasks don’t seem cumbersome at all. Designing and decorating a nursery in your home can be a gratifying task, but it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t have any ideas for its decoration. 

Therefore, in today’s post, we are going to give you some amazing and inspirational ideas that will help you create the perfect room for your baby, so keep reading to learn more. 

Add a lot of storage

One of the most common mistakes that are made by people when they are furnishing a nursery is that they don’t add enough storage solutions. You may be thinking that you’re not going to require much space for the clothes of the child, but you’d be surprised. 

Apart from the clothes, you need to make space for a lot of other stuff like the diapers you bought in bulk to save money, towels, toys, beddings for the crib and a lot more. 

Therefore, when you are furnishing the nursery add a full-size dresser with a lot of storage space. If you have a small space for the nursery, you can get creative with the storage solutions and make some drawers under the crib. 

Make a well-equipped changing station

A changing station is another essential element of a nursery. If you have space, you can opt to add a separate changing table, but if you don’t, you can create a changing station on the dresser as well. 

The objective of a changing station is that you should have all the supplies that you may need when you are changing your baby’s diaper in one convenient spot. All the essentials like diapers, fresh clothes, baby powder, lotion, wet wipes and baby oil should be within hand’s reach so that you can change the baby’s diapers or clothes easily and quickly. 

Make sure that the changing station is near the dresser, and it has safety features to prevent the baby from falling down. 

Add a comfortable chair and blanket

A comfortable chair and blanket are a must-have in a nursery. The baby’s room has to be furnished with you in mind as well. Hence adding a comfortable chair ensures that you have a place to sit down while you are breastfeeding. Moreover, you will possibly have to spend some long nights with your baby in the nursery when he or she is sick or having trouble sleeping. 

Therefore, whether you are breastfeeding or just holding your child, a comfortable couch or armchair, with a cozy blanket is an essential addition to the nursery. 

Buy a quality crib for the baby

When it comes to furnishing a nursery, the first thing that most people do is look for a crib or cot. This is an essential element for any nursery, and you need to ensure that you get one that is comfortable, sturdy and stylish as well. 

Make sure that the colour and material of the cot go well with the decor and design of the room. Moreover, consider the cot that has a lot of adjusting features and a sturdy frame. Though there are numerous designs available in the market, you should opt for a minimalistic and sleek design, that will go with almost any decor theme. 

Pay special attention to the mattress

After you have bought a crib, you need to focus on getting a quality mattress. This is perhaps the most crucial part of the nursery because your baby will spend most of their time sleeping on the mattress. 

Consider the comfort and lifespan of a mattress before you purchase one. When it comes to bedding for cribs, there are two main types of mattresses that you can choose. These are innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. Both these types can work if they are of good quality; however, an innerspring mattress is the better choice if you have the budget, either way, both types will provide perfect support for your baby, and will last for a long time. 

Create a colourful feature wall

Though this isn’t precisely a furniture tip, I feel that it must be included in this post, because it can have a tremendous effect on the furniture you buy. The overall paint of the room does determine the color pallet, but more importantly, a feature wall sets its theme. 

You can add some art to the wall of the feature wall, and put up a lot of photos on it. This will help boost the decor of the room and create some unforgettable memories. 

Add a basket for dirty clothes

When you have a baby, you should be certain that he or she is going to go through a lot of outfits in a single day. Therefore, you need to have a basket in which you can put the dirty clothes and towels that need to be washed. 

You should go for a decorative weaved basket to add to the style of the room as well. 

Invest in a quality baby monitor for the nursery

Finally, another essential element of your nursery is a baby monitor. Though audio baby monitors are quite common, you can also invest in one that has a camera as well. This will allow you to look at your child and hear them as well. 

A modern baby monitor can help you keep an eye on your child when you are working in the kitchen or resting. Moreover, features like two-way communication can also be very useful. 

To sum it all up, decorating and furnishing a baby’s room is not as simple as buying furniture for an adult’s bedroom, especially if it is your first experience as a parent. Therefore, to make the decision making easier for you, we have mentioned some of the essential furniture elements of a child’s nursery in this post. We hope that you find it useful, informative and inspiring.

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