How to Include Your Children in Your Wedding Experience

How to include your children in your wedding experience?

children in wedding experience

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Kid-friendly weddings are in vogue as more marrying couples realize the profound ways children add to nuptials. Use your family’s own special, unique style to your advantage when you include your children of all ages in your wedding experience.

Children are adorable, but not dolls!

It’s only natural for couples to want their energetic toddlers as ring bearers and flower girls. But if you go this route, appoint a trustworthy manager for them at the wedding and special events leading up to it. You’ll be busy.

Ideally, this manager should be someone who knows the children well enough to convince them to operate on cue or, if necessary, simmer down. Trust that when it’s picture time, wedding photographers have priceless methods to get elusive perfect toddler shots.

Give little ones a big part

It’s charming and sweet, rather than awkward when your own baby cries in the middle of your wedding. Courageous couples keep their new bundle of joy near the mainstage, in a close friend or relative’s hands. Couples who hold their precious ones during the ceremony create an unforgettable moment to remember all their lives.

Wedding personnel should know all your baby plans. For instance, your wedding photographer navigating through your packed venue might want a few private, close times to shoot an unpredictable baby. So long as you keep your photographer involved with your picture plans, you can avoid any unwanted drama. You can even find a photographer to capture pictures of a private, family wedding. For example, you could travel to New York with just your close family to be wed, and easily search for a nyc wedding photographer

By contrast, this special effort might be unnecessary for an expansive outdoor wedding with more elbow room. In fact, depending on your wedding location and logistics, a wedding photographer might not even be necessary for you and your family’s special day! 

Remarrying or marrying Later? Put older Children center stage

As more couples start families but marry later, more teen children are essential parts of weddings. Other couples are no longer just marrying each other. They are marrying a family.

This is because the number of blended families has skyrocketed. Almost half of new marriages include a remarrying spouse, so these unions include older children.

Young adults can mix it up

The key to including adolescents and teens at your wedding is a frank discussion. Maybe they aren’t up for ultra-formal, somber readings and positioning. Maybe they are. Ask them what they feel comfortable with and want to do.

You could be surprised. They might serenade you with an instrument, poetry or singing if their talents inspire. Consider the personality and originality teens bring to your wedding as watching their futures come to life before your eyes.

Family vows are a thing now

Work with your officiant to include children in the most sacred part of the wedding experience: the vows. The whole family and all children can create memorable dialogues after the couple makes it official.

Photograph the family tree

Wedding photos are passed down, part of the historical record. Make sure your wedding photographer prioritizes pictures with your children as much as a couple and bridal party shots.

Grownups are children, too

Adult children are overjoyed when their parents find love and companionship after years alone or dating their love. If anything, middle-aged and senior couples may have to stop adult children from trying to plan every wedding detail.

When adult children want to help, let them. You’ll need it, so long as they don’t pressure their wishes or change the character of your day. If adult children are busy in careers or live out of town, you can simply have them stand with you on the day.

It’s wonderful when your wedding is a celebration across generations. Embracing, including and documenting all your children is the true wedding experience of a lifetime.

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