Going Suit Shopping With Your Son: 5 Pointers

Going suit shopping with your son: 5 pointers.

suit shopping for your son

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As a mom, you’ve experienced a ton of firsts with your son. Whether he’s about to celebrate his bar mitzvah or make memories at a high school dance, you’re marking another milestone. It might be time for a suit!  

With that in mind, consider these five pointers. You’ll choose the perfect attire for any occasion. 

Consider the situation

Before you go to the mall, it’s crucial to think about why your son needs a suit. Often, it’s hard to find a one-size-fits-all piece, so consider the circumstances. 

Is he going to a wedding? Check to see if there’s a required dress code. After all, there’s a difference between black-tie optional and semiformal. Is he up for an award? A velvet tuxedo may not be the best choice. 

Either way, talk about the purpose of the suit so that you can select the best one. You don’t want to choose the wrong color or style, so this step is essential. 

Stick to neutral colors

When in doubt, stick to the basics. Go for blue, gray or black. Sometimes, you can pick maroon if the event allows. Psychologically, many colors have specific effects — brown relays reliability and strength, for instance — and you always want to adhere to traditional style codes. 

Now, if your son wants to sport a bright pink suit at prom, that’s up to him and his style. In general, you’ll want to stick with darker shades so that he can wear the same suit outfit than once. Solid hues are always key. Loud designs and patterns aren’t the way to go unless required for a specific event.

Make sure everything fits

Even if you choose a suit in the right color, it won’t matter unless it fits. It should conform to his build, but also provide enough mobility so that he can lift and extend his limbs. Try different pants and jackets and see what works. You may have to spend a lot of time on this, which is completely fine. Go to various stores and consult a tailor if needed. 

Make sure your money goes toward a suit that fits properly. This way, your son won’t hesitate to pull it out of his closet and wear it time and again.

Try different fabrics

Wool is the most common suit material, but your son may want to branch out a bit. It’s also necessary to think about the weather in your area. Flannel isn’t the most appropriate choice for the summer heat. 

Take a look at several different suit fabrics and consider each one carefully. Cotton and polyester are the cheapest options, but if you have a large budget, feel free to think about others.

Leave room for personality

Who said that suits have to be boring? While you should stick with neutral colors, your son can express himself in other ways. Pick out a basketball-themed tie or a pair of bright yellow socks. These accessories will allow your son to personalize his outfit as he wants. 

Remember, the suit itself is only the base. How you build on it is up to you. Encourage him to pick out a few different dress shirts as well.

Maybe he wants to wear a fancy pocket square — an accessory you have to fold, similar to a tie — or a pair of cufflinks. Whatever the case may be, try to leave room for a few fun items.

Appreciate the process and find the perfect suit

It isn’t easy to choose the right suit. You need to consider the occasion, color, fit and fabric. Accessories matter, too. Nevertheless, do your best to appreciate this time with your son. It’s a milestone you’ll never forget.

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