House Cleaning Tips to Make Moving Your Family Easy

House cleaning tips to make moving your family easy.

house cleaning tips

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Moving into a new home is an exciting time in your life. Chances are there will be some dirt and grime left behind. If you’re moving into a home that was previously occupied, the owners probably left the home in what real estate professionals call “broom clean” condition. This means it looks clean on the surface, but has not been disinfected or thoroughly cleaned. If you’re moving into new construction, there will still be dirt and dust.

Start high and work your way down

It’s best to start cleaning at the top of a room so any dust or dirt that falls down can be cleaned up off of the floors last. If the ceilings have any visible dirt, dust or cobwebs on them, then clean them first. Clean the vents that are up high, ceiling fans and light fixtures, crown moldings, tops of cabinets, closet shelves, tops of appliances, and built-in shelves that are near the ceiling. Then work your way down by cleaning walls, any other built-in shelving, chair rails, window sills, trim, and railings. Vacuum and wash the floors last. It’s best to use a mild cleaner and microfiber cloths on most surfaces. If the surface is wood, then use a wood soap such as Murphy’s to remove dirt and give it a shine.

Sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are where you’ll want to spend the most time and effort cleaning and sanitizing. These rooms are where the worst germs and bacteria can live. Dust the ceilings, tops of cabinets, tops of appliances, range hood, vents, and light fixtures. Clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the appliances and cabinets. Disinfect the counters, sink, showers, and bathtubs. Finish by mopping the floors. It’s important to use a disinfectant kitchen and bathroom cleaner that will remove germs and bacteria.

Consider hiring a professional cleaning company

According to Huff-N-Puff Cleaning Services, a company that specializes in house cleaning services in Bethesda, MD, everyone likes a clean home. But not everyone likes to clean. Therefore it may be a good idea to hire a house cleaning service. This will save you a lot of time and physical work. Make sure to use a company that is bonded and insured. Use a company that hires professional and carefully trained staff.

For example,  if you live in Alexandria, VA, and need someone to help you with the household chores, don’t hesitate and contact Think Maids. It offers various services, from recurring cleanings to move-in/out cleanings.

Moving is already stressful enough. Having to clean your home on top of moving doesn’t make it any easier. However, by following the tips above and maybe doing some additional homework, you can help mitigate this stress during this very busy time in your life. 

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