How to Host a Family-Friendly Movie Night

How to host a family-friendly movie night? Here are 7 ideas.

family-friendly movie night

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Movie nights are a ton of fun. Who doesn’t love to relax with a film and some delicious snacks? Whether you want to entertain only your family or a whole group of your kids’ friends, a well-planned movie night is a surefire hit. 

Take a look at these ideas so you can host a memorable get-together.  

Design invitations

Make the event feel like an official movie premiere. Even though you aren’t leaving the couch, this is a fun way to engage your guests. Break out the cardstock and glue or search for templates online. 

Model these invitations after a traditional “Admit One” ticket or design around a theme. If you plan to host friends and family, send these out ahead of time. Otherwise, you can hand these to your kids a few hours before you nestle in for the viewing. 

Prepare tasty snacks

Movie fests are nothing without some popcorn, but you can do a little better than that. Take some time to whip up a few different snacks. There are plenty of recipes out there, from pretzels to nachos to cupcakes. 

Stick to a theme if you have one. For a “Harry Potter” marathon, guests will love to munch on jellybeans and chocolates reminiscent of the series. Pair these bites with tasty drink options.

Create an ideal atmosphere

The key to a memorable movie night is to create a perfect viewing environment. Put fluffy blankets and pillows on your couch and floor. Dim the lights, so the room is dark enough to see the screen. 

Tell younger guests to come in their pajamas and bring stuffed animals. For larger crowds, be sure to arrange extra seating. If the weather permits, set up a backyard theater with lawn chairs and a projector. Then, each person can have enough space to lounge and relax. 

Beforehand, test the quality and sound of each film, so you don’t run into any mishaps. The goal here is to make the party as cozy and enjoyable as possible.

Select the right movies

It’s time for the hard part. Talk to your kids and ask them what they want to watch. Animated Disney and Pixar features, like “Moana” and “The Incredibles,” are always solid picks. 

But if you have older children, you may want to choose movies that are a bit more in-depth, like the “Star Wars” films. If you can’t decide, choose a variety and cast votes. This way, everyone can have their say.

Work with a theme

Sometimes themes seem a bit cheesy, but your movie night is the perfect time for them. Choose a series, like “Toy Story” or “The Hunger Games,” to binge. 

For teenagers who love video games, show a few films based on their favorites – there’s plenty to pick from. Have a Disney celebration and feature everything from “Cinderella” to “Frozen.” There are tons of ways you can work with a concept.

Encourage costumes

If you’ve ever attended a real premiere, then you know true fanatics love to dress up as their favorite characters. Encourage your kids and other guests to come in costume. Send out the list of films you plan to show. For example, they can come as their preferred superhero for an “Avengers”-themed night. 

Letting your kids pick a costume to dress themselves in also has its own benefits. For starters, you’re allowing them to use their imagination and get creative with their looks.

Dress-up games also help hone communication skills and practice language development and social skills. Make sure you get it on the fun too! Have yourself and the other adults prepare Medieval or Renaissance outfits or whatever fits the theme. Not only will it get you more excited to watch the movie, but the whole experience will make for a great time to bond and enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to create wonderful memories to look back on years later.

Whatever the case, this idea allows for tons of fun expression.

Add fun decorations

While you don’t have to go all out, a few details never hurt. Roll out a red carpet by your entryway so everyone can feel like they’re at a premiere. Pick up popcorn bags and individual boxes of candy. Set all of your snacks out on a table for easy access. Grab a whiteboard or large sheet of paper and list each film you’re going to show.

There are tons of delightful touches you can add to make your movie event even more memorable.

Have the best night ever

Movie nights are a terrific way to spend time with family and friends. Put together some delicious treats, decorations and a cozy set-up for the perfect event. Choose family-friendly films and work with a concept if you want. Costumes can make everything that much more exciting. 

After that’s out of the way, settle in for an evening of fun.

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