6 Fun Camping Activities to Do in Australia

6 fun camping activities to do in Australia.

camping activities in Australia

Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

The Commonwealth of Australia has everything that you would need to spruce up your camping experience and turn it into an astonishing, unforgettable journey through the Land Down Under.

Australia is a heaven for campers and wildlife enthusiasts and has a multitude of outdoor recreational activities to offer.

But then there are several other places on this planet, why choose Australia for your camping and outdoor fun?

We shared this dilemma with Brian Lystor, an avid outdoor adventure enthusiast from outdooren.com, and in his words, “Australia! I have been to a lot of places around the globe, but I got to say camping in Australia has been like no other. My focus was on a wild road-trip-&-camp, on this amazing sand-borne topography. It was simply amazing! Australia is mysterious, so be prepared to get astounded by its beauty and surprises. Such words from such an experienced traveler & outdoor adventurer, are itself self-explanatory, as to what makes this country such distinctive.

So whether planning a trip with family, friends or, voting to go solo, Australia is a one-stop destination for all your camping needs.

All the fun that you can have in your Oz camp trip

With such an abundance and richness, Australia also carries a wealth of accommodation in the form of National Parks, free Campsites, Campgrounds, and treks & trails, with ease of access to the breathtaking places within. So here is a list of fun & recreational camping activities that you can do on your trip to Australia.

Go beach camping – surfing and watersports

There are countless beaches to visit and beach national parks where you can camp comfortably and immerse in a variety of watersports and recreational activities. Some popular places that you can add to your bucket list are the famous Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Straddie( or North Stradbroke Island). Straddie is exceptionally remarkable in terms of the existing wildlife, spread across the breathtaking coastal lines.

These places are well-equipped with sufficiently large and safe space for pitching your tent & park your shelter. So, if you have been missing the fun of riding through the spin drifting waves with your surfboard, then Australia is a heaven for you surfing enthusiasts.

Multi-day hike and camp trip

One of the best ways to explore any region or topography is to hike through to observe the environment and nature’s beauty, up-close-and-personal.

But then Aussie hiking is unlike any other. It is full of wonderments, most of which enjoins a higher level of fitness, and effective cardio to compete for the tricky challenges that its vivid terrain has to offer.

With trails that spread over thousands of miles across the continent and plenty of campgrounds & parks, you are bound to have the hike of a lifetime.

There are plenty of options available in this outline as various National Parks have well-organized campsites, campgrounds with vehicle parking facilities.

Camp through the lush eco-system and wildlife

Aussie’s untamed topography is home to some of the most exotic and endangered wildlife species, and the government thoroughly supports wildlife adventurers’ exploration of this untouched beauty of nature. Places like Kimberley and Kakadu National Park are two of the popular areas for its existing variety of wildlife and for the number of visitors it attracts annually.

Besides, the island of Tasmania is another attractive place to be at with possibilities to get a click of forester kangaroos, and the famous & notorious Tasmanian Devil.

Prefer vehicle for your camping fun and recreation? Don’t worry Oz has a lot of offer

Motorized camping has its own fun when talking about camping in Australia. The place has a variety of options open, which includes RV camping, caravanning, motorcycle touring as well as 4-wheel drive-&-camp facility.

Most of the campgrounds and sites facilitate parking for safe sheltering.

Go with the flow – adapt to the new cycle camping trend

With the ease of convenience that the nation-wide spread roadway system delivers, cycle camping has started gaining popularity with an increasing number of such campers.

Just like the existing network of hike-trails, there are several cycling trails across the region with plenty of campgrounds, and sites both free and commercial, thus giving you a great and convenient way of exploring the Lucky Country on a bike. All you need is a well-conditioned bicycle and well-prepared backpack with tenting and camping gears and you are good to go.

Cherish the stargazing with Aussie campfires

While one of the most traditional camping, a simple night spent under the amazing sky of the Australian region would flabbergast you and starstruck your memory with its breathtaking picturesque beauty.

With a lovely campfire around, enjoying the astronomical beauty, Straya terrain bodes exceptionally well in providing the best sights of the clear night sky and is a great means of learning a couple of things about astronomy.

From multi-day hike through the vast Victorian land to drive or cycle through the Great Beach Ocean Road, or a wild safari camping through the hundreds of national parks, Australia is one unique place to visit and fulfill your camping needs and desires among richest topographies on the earth when it comes to its treasured wildlife and exhilarating nature!

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