4 Fun Things Moms Can Do with Their Young Daughters

4 fun things moms can do with their young daughters.

moms and young daughters

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Even when young, daughters are anxious to spend time with their mothers and are open to learning a great many activities that are enjoyable and might stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The following are just four examples of a wide variety of suggestions that will bring a big smile to the faces of both generations.

How to make a bow

When it is time to give a gift to a parent, sibling, or relative, teaching your daughter how to make a bow for ornamentation will be both fun and appreciated. A gift is special, and the gift giver taking the time and effort to make a personal decorative and festive bow adds a whole extra level.

You can learn many methods on the internet for making classic bows out of ribbons and paper such as “Easy Steps” from Better Homes & Gardens.

Alternatively, you can get “professional” by using a bow maker tool. You and your daughter can begin with a simple starter mini kit and tools that will teach just what to do to make simple bows for a variety of occasions. Perhaps you both can progress over time to a more complex kit and larger tools that will make more elegant bows. Maybe you’ll decide to create with bow wires with no need to sew or glue.

Cook and bake

Most little girls love to get into the kitchen with Mama and Grandma to help make favorite family recipes. All those family members can first go together apple picking or to a local farmers’ market where they can get the freshest fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and specialties so that the child can see what goes into the recipes.

Interact with animals

It’s never too early to enjoy live animals. Take your daughter to the local animal shelter and let her play with and cuddle the puppies and kittens and learn how to feed them, walk them, and see what care they require. Also, visit a farm to feed and play with a variety of animals and find out how they are all different but need some loving care. Going to the zoo is a phenomenal way to learn about the variety in the animal world.

Spend time looking at her baby pictures

She’ll enjoy seeing herself as a baby and a small child and especially hearing your accompanying stories that tell her what happened and on what occasions. You might get tears in your eyes, but she is bound to be fascinated and be overjoyed with the experience.

Once you begin to do those momentous things, you can get into the habit of scheduling projects, crafts including coloring and painting, outings such as a picnic, and stopping for pizza or a large ice cream sundae on the way home.

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