Road Tripping While Pregnant

Road tripping while pregnant: rules you need to know.

road tripping

Photo by Kalea Jerielle on Unsplash

Last year, a pregnant friend of mine was in Asia for the summer with her family. It was all fun and games until the family decided to go on a road trip.

Don’t get me wrong. The fact that you have a baby growing inside you doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a road trip. You can still enjoy the bliss of picking up the car and hit the road to reach a fun destination. You can still enjoy the sights along the way. 

However, you have to understand that your pregnancy puts you in a delicate situation. Things are not as easy as before. This also applies to plan and going on a road trip. 

But if your doctor doesn’t consent to it, I don’t either. You also have to make a few adjustments. Here are some very important rules that you have to follow if you are considering taking a road trip while you are pregnant. 

Talk to your doctor

The fact that I am saying this again shows how important it is.  A good road trip maybe what you need as an expecting mother before you have to deal with dirty nappies and a ruined sleep routine. And I’m all for you enjoying yourself.  But your doctor has to be okay with it first. 

Wear a seatbelt

Pregnancy does not excuse you from using this safety tool. And this applies to both the front and back seats. Correctly wearing the belt will always keep you safe from harm if there is an accident. Three-point belts are the safest option for you and your child. However, if you can’t get or use that, a lap belt is a viable alternative. If you will be using a lap belt, wear it in such a way that it fits across your thighs and hips. Never let it go through your belly, it may put pressure on your child. 

Seatbelts can be quite uncomfortable for you as an expectant mother but it is a necessary evil. When using a three-point seat belt, if the belt cuts across your neck, reposition your seat so that the belt sits over your collarbone instead.

Try to plan your trip so that it falls within the second trimester

This is the best time to travel in a car while pregnant. It is better than traveling during the first trimester that is filled with nausea and tiredness. The third trimester of pregnancy is the period when your bump might be too big for you to drive or get in and out of the car easily. 

During the second trimester, you are more likely to be feeling your best and there is a lower risk of complications arising.  

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important. There is a link between dehydration in pregnant women and uterine contractions. So make sure there is always a water bottle around that is always filled with cold water. 

Dress comfortably

For most of the road trip, you will be a woman with a huge bump in a very small space. This is why you should dress as comfortably as possible. I’m sure a maternity dress would provide just the amount of comfort that you will need.

Have a spare driver

Preferably one that is not pregnant. This is not the time to plan a solo road trip for the purpose of self-discovery and whatnot. Have at least one non-pregnant relative or friend to partner with you as you go on your trip. This is particularly important when visiting new places.

Let’s go over the rules of being a pregnant woman traveler again:

  • Get an okay from your doctor
  • Always wear a seat belt
  • Plan the trip so it falls within your second trimester
  • Dress Comfortably
  • Travel with a spare driver

These rules (if you follow them) will help guide you on your road travel whether you are in Europe, Asia or America. 

Safe journey!

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