6 Travel Experiences Your Family Must Do in 2020

6 travel experiences your family must do in 2020.

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Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

Are you planning to make 2020 your year of travel? Well, before you embark on a big family adventure, make sure to create a good travel plan that will include all the top destinations. If you don’t know where to start with creating a fun, active and family-friendly itinerary, here are a few travel experiences you can’t miss in 2020. 

Hit the beach in Portugal

This is definitely one of the best destinations for families in Europe. People are friendly to tourists, especially those with kids, and you can find all sorts of accommodation and activities perfect for you and your little ones. Also, Portugal is diverse and offers everything from fun city adventure to ancient castle explorations. However, if you’re a sea-loving family, you’ll love the amazing beaches of Algarve. This spot is blessed with over 100 beaches, so you won’t have an issue finding something you like. Besides bathing and enjoying the sand, you can hit beach-side bars, enjoy the views from coastal hiking spots or try your hand at watersports.  

Ride a bike in Amsterdam

When you think Amsterdam, usually not so many family-friendly activities come to mind, but the truth is that this city is one of the best destinations to visit with kids. There are so many things you see and try (Dutch people are magicians when it comes to sweet and tasty treats), but one thing is for sure: when in Amsterdam, you must do what locals do and hop on a bike. Even if your kids are young, you can still rent their amazing clog bikes and zoom around the city. You will have delighted kids, happy parents and a bunch of adorable photos of your kids stuffed in a giant clog! 

Get spooked in London

London truly offers endless family fun no matter when you decide to visit. It has so many attractions and museums that offer interactive and kid-friendly exhibits, and you and your kids can passionately explore everything from nature and history to technology and design. And don’t forget many spooky haunted tours. You can visit haunted houses, explore the museums of curiosities and ride the Ghost Bus Tour, but don’t miss a chance to experience the notorious Tower of London, one of the most famous prisons in the world. 

Have a road trip in Australia

No matter how much time you have for your Aussie adventure, you will still require more, so the best thing to do for your entire family is renting a car as soon as you land and having a little road trip adventure. Coincidentally, you can even find a good agency for car hire at Gold Coast airport and literally start your adventure right as you leave the plane. Just make sure to choose a spacious car that can handle a little outback so that you can feel safe, cozy and free on your road trip. Once you’re ready to hit the road, you can choose from many interesting routes, just consult the internet and you’ll find a path that you and your family will love. 

Camp in Jordan

If you’re a true outdoorsy family, you will Jordan. This friendly country will blow you mind with sandy deserts, beautiful beaches, historical sites and the sea that won’t allow you to sink (it’s not a miracle; it’s just high salt content). All in all, this part of the Middle East will blow you away with its vibrant culture, tasty delicacies, and gorgeous nature. While we’re on the subject of nature, make sure not to miss a chance to have a fun ‘glamping’ trip in the middle of the desert. Little tent pods will provide you with a cozy interior and a gorgeous ceiling view of the night sky.

Have a safari in South Africa

Can you imagine providing your kids with an experience of seeing a pride of lions in the wild as elegant giraffes cruise in the distance? This might seem like a scene that came out of a Disney movie, but it’s more than possible in South Africa. The African safari is one of those things that will definitely exceed your expectations and leave a life-changing mark in all your lives. If you’re planning a 2020 travel bucket list, definitely add South Africa and its safari adventures somewhere at the top. 

Of course, hitting all of these destinations in one year is not doable for most of us, but if you plan well and choose some of your favorites, you’ll have an entire year filled with adventure and fun. 

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