6 DIY Kids’ Room Renovation Ideas

6 DIY kids’ room renovation ideas.

kids' room renovation ideas

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Your kids’ room should be radiant with fun vibes and engaging ideas. When it comes to finding inspiration for decorating the room, every couple’s goals may vary; you could be looking for an organization, fun activities, or toy storage. You might be looking for ideas that could encourage a new hobby or facilitate with daily chores your child should be engaged in. Whatever your goal is, decorating your kid’s room can be tricky and challenging. 

With the internet flooding with ideas, you are bound to get overwhelmed. Fortunately for you, we’ve curated 6 DIY ideas to renovate your kids’ room and turn it into their favorite zone. 

Turn their drawings into wall art

Not only will displaying your kid’s wall art look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also give them a great sense of ownership in their room. This can turn out to be much better than actually buying expensive art for the walls. Just make sure you buy different frames in different sizes to give your room a sense of random but chic style. Your kids will feel proud of their work every time you have guests coming over, and the memories created through these frames will later be appreciated by them. 

Get creative with bunk beds

Bunk beds are fun and exciting for most kids. You can easily take these beds to the next level by adding a few designs that will make them even more thrilling. Consider building your own furniture with the right tools and steps. When you’re aiming for DIY projects that require some building and creativity, getting the assistance of online guides to see how your work can come to life would be a smart move. Following the instructions of professionals is bound to go a long way with your renovation process. One idea can be to have a fort-like build-out with wooden slides between beds for some playtime. 

Include a climbing wall

If you want to have your kids engaged in something other than climbing your bed or jumping on sofas, then including a climbing wall in their room will do the trick. Create this fun space for them with plywood, colorful climbing holds, and a floor mat that ensures their safety. The next thing you know, your child will be doing less climbing on furniture and kitchen counters and more climbing in their room. 

Build them a tepee

Be your child’s favorite superhero, and build them a tepee. To make things even more enjoyable, include your kids in the building process. A tepee is most kids’ favorite space, and it’s useful since it encourages reading and gives your child his/her own space at home. Just think of all these movies where kids spend ages in their tepees; doesn’t that give you great ideas? This renovation tip is affordable and very easy to make.

Black canvas instead of white walls

Instead of having plain white walls in your child’s room, inspire him/her with a black wall painted with chalk-friendly pains, and he/she gets to draw and write on. If you have kids that are aspiring artists, allowing them to share and show their creativity will make them feel more at home. Drawing or writing with chalkboard can also be erased at any time, so they can erase their work whenever they want or if they do not like it. Let their imagination soar! 

Create a LEGO table

Ever walked into your kids’ room and stepped on a Lego that hurt your feet? Almost all kids these days are crazy about Legos, but they can be a nuisance when it comes to organizing them. The headache of having to put the pieces into place can easily be solved with a table. All you need is a dining table and two colorful buckets. On top of the table, include Lego baseplates to enhance your kids’ creativity by building their creations. Have them put back the pieces into the buckets once they’re done. Including your child in the process of organizing and cleaning up is a great way to have them turn out to be responsible individuals.  

Your kids’ room is more than a place for them to sleep in; it is that room where their imagination can run wild, and they get to enjoy a little bit of freedom. Being creative with your designs does not always have to cost you much, as there are tons of ideas that you can just make on your own. Whether you like bold designs or calm and serene ones, there are ideas out there for everyone. Your kids will not only enjoy these incorporations of designs, but they will also cherish them a lot. 

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