5 Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Kids

Hard to find the perfect gift? Here are 5 personalized gift ideas for your kids.

personalized gift ideas for kids

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

If you ask any kid for gift ideas for birthday, Christmas, or any other gift-giving occasion, you’re likely to get a slew of ideas and not too many golden nuggets. Kids are often attracted to the glitz and glamour of things that they don’t really need; things that accumulate and pile up after they’ve lost interest in them.

Believe it or not, kids do appreciate the thoughtfulness behind gifts, and they treasure those that are truly creative and inspired in their giving. Personalizing a gift lets the child in your life that you have been extra thoughtful in your gift choice; you are giving him something unique and special to him.

The following ideas are something your kiddos can use and enjoy for years to come; personalize with an icon, a name, or some other symbol that means something to them and to you, and look forward to true appreciation and joy as they open their treasures:

Coloranimal personalized bag or backpack

Nothing says thoughtfulness like custom designing a bag that your child can use for work, school, or play. Adding a unique logo with a custom logo maker, personalized with their name, and designing something that is truly unique to them will not only make it easily identifiable, but it will also remind him just how special he is in your eyes. With an array of sizes and styles available for personalization, the sky’s the limit to how creative you can be!

Personalized storybooks

For the little reader in all of us, a personalized book will not only be a comfort item and an opportunity for the two of you to spend time together, but it will also be a cherished memento as he grows and has children of their own. Use first name, last name, nickname…..you choose to develop the story as you see fit, and watch your little one’s eyes light up with delight as he discovers that the fantasy world you create with this gift really does revolve around him!

Personalized photo blanket

If your child is like most, he loves snuggling with favorite pillows, stuffies, and blankets that bring them comfort. What better way to make a blanket an even more treasured item than personalizing with meaningful photos and text? Design it in a way that memorializes a time in his life, or make it stand the test of time with a simple, loving message that he can take with him through life. Soft fabric and simple design make it a preferred gift for any occasion.

Personalized phone cases

That’s right, parents—this age of technology is here to stay. Most children have begun to acquire technology devices by age 5, and many have acquired their first iPhone by age 10. Protect that tech investment with personalized cute iPhone cases that will help your child keep tabs on his device, no matter how many are floating about your house.

Does your child use a phone by another brand? There are wide selections of customizable phone cases that are suitable for phone models from other brands. Many of these cases are durable and protect your child’s device from getting damaged. You can use plain photos for the case (for easy differentiation to whom a phone belongs if you have multiple children), or you can make a photo collage. You can also opt for a simple personalization that will still set the phone cases (and the phones) apart.

Personalized board game

Increase the amount of quality family time you spend together with this cool idea; a personalized board game the whole family can play. Customize up to six game pieces and bring everyone in on the fun, teaching valuable concepts like teamwork, competition, and our country’s geographical treasures. More valuable than the game itself, your child will treasure time spent together around this personalized gift.

Personalizing a gift truly makes it special for both giver and receiver; cherish the look of delight on your child’s face as he realizes how much thought you’ve put into gift-giving. Here’s to your next happy occasion!

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