7 Great Tips for Visiting the World’s Most Beautiful Islands

Family vacation in Oceania: 7 great tips for visiting the world’s most beautiful islands.

travel to world's most beautiful islands

Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

If you’re longing for a tropical heaven, Oceania is the spot to visit this year. This area is made up of 14 independent countries, with the most famous ones being Australia and New Zealand. Australia will definitely impress you with its gorgeous cities and threatening Outback, which New Zealand will blow your mind with amazing natural beauties. If you prefer something more tropical, French Polynesia will provide you with postcard-perfect views, out-of-this-planet underwater life and many other exciting adventures. But, can you just hit Oceania without any knowledge of the place? It’s better to gather some info before you make your trip, so here are a few useful tips to note down. 

Visit during the right time

Oceania can be unbelievably hot, so the best time to book your trip is somewhere between April and August. At this time the temperatures start to normalize, the weather is calm (especially in Micronesia and Polynesia) and you can have a pleasant stay. Usually, November through March is cyclone season for islands like Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and other South Pacific islands. Whale watching is one of the biggest attractions in these parts of the world, and if you want to catch these gentle giants, plan your trip between July and October and book your tickets to Tonga! 

Don’t worry about the language barrier

The entire region is easy to explore (even though this is one of the richest linguistic areas), because English is widely spoken, understood and used for most commercial purposes. Other European languages can also be heard. In some places, you can even pay with US dollars, which is very practical, just make sure to check in advance. 

Rent a car in bigger cities

Many islands you can visit have much more to offer than just the beach, especially bigger islands like New Zealand. So, if you want to explore the place, make sure to rent a car and enjoy the freedom. Once you land in New Zealand, don’t hesitate to hit airport car rental in Auckland and rent a vehicle that will be your faithful companion on your trip. Choose a bigger car that will provide you with plenty of comfort, freedom (with an SUV you can visit different terrains) and space for your luggage. Some bigger models can even fit surfing boards, so you can visit some of the best surfing spots in the world. 

Go kayaking 

If you prefer water over land, you and your family will have a wonderful time exploring Oceania. There are many water sports you can try out, but if you have younger kids, you might want to rent kayaks and have a fun adventure. There are many guided tours suitable for kids and you will get to experience the true ocean life. You’ll also get all the necessary safety gear and instructions, so you’ll have a safe and relaxing experience on the water. 

Don’t neglect the big distances 

No matter if you’re traveling by car or plane, the entire area of Oceania is huge. In order to travel from one side of Australia to the other, you can expect to spend around four and a half hours on a plane or whooping 40 hours behind a wheel! With visiting Fiji, remember that the distance from Fiji to Tahiti is roughly the same as the distance from London to Ankara. So be careful when starting any journeys in Australia or you might spend your entire vacation en route to your destinations. 

Dress well

In some parts of Oceania, especially Australia and New Guinea, the temperatures can be scorching. So, make sure to always pack plenty of sunscreen and light, flowy clothing. Bringing swimsuits can also be a great idea that will offer a nice little break from the heat. Being well-equipped with water is also crucial. In such warm temperatures, dehydration can happen very quickly, and if you decide to venture away from the city or your accommodation, you might have a hard time finding water. 

Beware of animals 

While you won’t come across too many venomous animals on your trip, it’s always best to be safe. Many animals living in Oceania can seriously hurt you, your family and your pets, so always watch your step. When swimming with your kids, ensure they are close, since currents can be strong. 

With these practical tips up your sleeve, you and your family will have an adventure of a lifetime. Oceania is pretty easy and safe to travel around, so if you have time on your hands, you can explore the wonders of this part of the world as much as your hearts desire. 

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