5 Qualities to Search for in the Perfect Family Dog

5 qualities to search for in the perfect family dog.

perfect family dog

Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay

Being a good family dog is a lot harder than you’d think. The dog has to tolerate, or preferably enjoy, the antics of young children. In addition, since parents are always short on time, the dog needs to be generally healthy and fairly easy to care for. Here we have listed five important qualities to look for in your quest for the perfect family dog.

No resource guarding

Resource guarding is the number one reason why dogs bite children. Resource guarding means the dog guards its food, its toys, its bed, or anything else it perceives to be a possession. 

Although resource guarding can be trained away in dogs with only minor guarding tendencies, it is best to avoid mixing resource guarding dogs with children. 

If you are thinking of adopting an adult dog for your family, ask a professional to test the dog for guarding traits. If you are considering a puppy, ask your breeder a lot of questions about resource guarding in their lines. When seeking a breed that generally exhibits minimal resource guarding, you might want to consider looking into pomskies, as these dogs are known for their gentle and friendly nature. To learn more about this breed and see if it fits your family’s lifestyle, conducting an online search for “pomsky puppies near me” could provide valuable information and potential breeders in your area. This can allow you to visit and observe these dogs firsthand, ensuring they match your family’s expectations and needs.


It’s just a fact that children tend to grab dog body parts, fall on top of dogs, step on them, and feed them things they probably shouldn’t eat. A tiny delicate toy dog is likely to get accidentally squashed, and dogs that don’t have a robust digestive system are going to end up visiting the veterinarian frequently.

Adjustable energy level

Parents of young children simply don’t have the time to take a hyperactive dog out for a two-hour run every day. On the other hand, a lazy couch potato dog that doesn’t want to participate in family outings or play with the children won’t fit in either. 

A dog that is naturally calm when it’s time to be calm yet up for anything when it’s time to go is an ideal family dog. A number of breeds like corgis exhibit these traits. You can find Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies for sale, for example, that have this desirable adjustable energy level.

Easy to train

All dogs can be trained if you spend enough time at it, but a busy family is simply not going to put in 10 hours a week of training. The ideal family dog is smart, alert, motivated, and eager to please. These kinds of dogs practically train themselves.

Generally healthy

Unfortunately, some breeds of dogs are notorious for having health issues. In general, dogs that are built somewhat like a wolf tend to suffer from fewer health issues, although you should definitely study the OFA statistics and do some research into each breed’s health issues before selecting a breed.

Choosing a family dog should not be taken lightly. You need a smart, alert healthy dog with an excellent temperament that is easy to take care of.

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