Alternative Holiday Home Destinations

Alternative holiday home destinations.

holiday home destinations

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Purchasing a holiday home is both exciting and nerve-wracking. On one hand, you are excited about having a place of your own in a country that you love to visit but on the other hand, a holiday home is a serious investment and you want to make sure you have picked a good location.

What makes a good holiday home will change depending on your personal preferences and needs, but there’s no doubt that you should visit the country before you make your final decision to buy a property there. Obviously, you are likely to initially consider traditional holiday home countries that people visit first like Spain, France, and Greece. However, there are other destinations that you might want to explore before you settle on your final choice.

Here is a quick list of alternative holiday home destinations worth considering. Just remember to holiday in your place of choice before buying!


Despite being a well-established European country, Hungary is still a relatively unspoiled holiday destination with plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered and explored. To start with, the country boasts stunning natural countryside with peaceful open fields and beautiful national parks. Additionally, the capital city of Budapest enjoys a booming tourist center and is cloaked in history, with some of the world’s finest thermal baths open to the public as well as a host of historical attractions.

In the countries more remote areas there is still a strong traditional and welcoming feel, leaving plenty of folk culture and local hospitality to be enjoyed. You should definitely visit the country at some point.


Ecuador is a small country nestled in the North East of South America making it the most distant destination on this list; yet, it should definitely be considered. From a holiday perspective, Ecuador is home to an intoxicatingly lively culture, beautiful beaches, varied wildlife, and exceptional weather – all things you want in a holiday home destination.

From a living perspective, the country is also home to one of the most stable economies in the region. Since the year 2000, Ecuador has used the US Dollar as its primary currency, allowing for easy monetary exchanges when you are visiting and cheap prices. Combine this with the host of attractions both cultural and natural and you have an amazing place for a holiday home.


Wales is slightly colder than our last destination but remains equally beautiful. The country is cloaked in history, with over 600 ruined castles dotting its landscape as well as countless caves, mountains and natural spaces to enjoy. Brought together with the long stretch of coastline and effective infrastructure, you really can’t go wrong. 

Many also choose Wales as a holiday home destination due to its variety of options. As opposed to just traditional homes, Wales is also home to many static caravan parks that offer more affordable holidaying options. There are countless luxurious caravans for sale in South and North Wales, leaving room to use your budget in other areas. Add these advantages to the fact that Wales is within touching distance of the English tourism industry and you have a holiday home winner.


Commonly forgotten yet incredibly beautiful, Andorra is a tiny country nestled between France and Spain, meaning that it has cultural influences from both. Easy to traverse and filled with attractions, there’s no doubt that Andorra is a great alternative holiday home choice.

In particular, the country is known for its range of skiing opportunities, local produce, and museums, meaning that if you are a skiing family this might be an even better choice. It’s not the cheapest place in the world due to the fairly established ski holiday culture but it is beautiful and different. Perfect for families and couples alike.

These countries are far from the only destinations worth considering when buying a holiday home, but they are definitely some of the less common. Book a few weekend getaways to get a feel for these locations before deciding to buy and you’re sure to find somewhere you love.

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