Does Preschool Education Have Long Term Benefits for My Child?

Does preschool education have long term benefits for my child?

long term benefits of preschool education

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Are you struggling to decide whether or not you should send your child to preschool? The long term benefits of preschool education are truly amazing for your child’s growth, development, and overall learning. 

Long term benefits of early learning covers:

  • Cognitive development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Behavioral development

“The first five years of a child’s life is a time of rapid brain and behavioral development” 



Hence why it is crucial to invest in quality early learning education to set your child up for future success! The first five years of a child’s life is significant in developing the foundation for their thoughts, behaviors and overall well-being. Play-based learning throughout preschool is critical for children as it promotes language and literacy skills, develops social and emotional skills and fosters creativity.  

“By the age of five, 90% of the brain’s capacity has already developed” 



A child’s brain is flexible throughout the early years of development where they take on information easily and absorb everything around them. These years have a lasting impact on their future learning ability. 

Long term benefits of preschool education

Sending your little one to preschool from a young age has a long-lasting positive effect on behavior, social interaction, and emotional maturity. Here are five long term benefits of preschool you are going to want to know more about:


  • Impact on socialization:


Children that attend preschool are more likely to be social and emotionally mature through adolescence. The early introduction of this social environment in preschool allows children to interact with others from different backgrounds and form positive relationships. They learn key skills such as team-work, sharing, socializing and participating. Children learn how to share, cooperate and take turns in a safe and caring environment.

They also learn key life-long values such as respect and value for themselves, others and their surroundings. Preschool teaches them this critical life-value in an effective way. 

Children are also exposed to different cultures and religions and learn to appreciate and accept these differences. 


  • Improved performance:


Early childhood and preschool education has long term benefits for children boosting their cognitive development. Children that attend preschool tend to perform better through their schooling years, absorbing and understanding information more easily. 


  • Lower risk of developing learning difficulties:


It is also said that children who have access to quality preschool education have a reduced need for special education in primary and secondary years.


  • Attendance and completion rates:


Children who attend early learning centers and preschools also are more likely to complete school and have a more motivated outlook on education and learning. Children tend to be more enthusiastic and are encouraged to be effective learners when they attend early learning centers. Programs led at preschools including play-based activities lay a critical foundation for thinking and behaving.

Some other social and economic long-term benefits of preschool education include:

  • Children are more likely to finish school
  • More likely to find higher-paying jobs
  • More likely to own their own homes
  • Less likely to be involved in crime as adults
  • Less likely to need support with emotional and behavioral issues

It is important to understand that preschool is much more than playing. It teaches life-long social, behavioral and cognitive skills for children, making them well-rounded individuals for the future. 

Don’t let your child miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime and make sure you enroll them into a preschool and reap the long term benefits of education. 

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Marellene James is a content editor at Young Academics. Young academics is an early learning center based in Sydney, but Marellene has written extensively on subjects related to kids’ health, education, early childhood development & overall wellbeing.

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