7 Tips for a Perfect New Years Eve Party

7 tips for a perfect New Year’s Eve party.

perfect New Year's Eve party

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There’s more to New Year’s Eve than waiting around for the ball to drop. You’ll want to spend your evening in style, surrounded by family and friends as you laugh and reminisce together. So how do you ensure your party’s success? 

These seven tips will help you plan the perfect farewell to 2019. 

Open with the unexpected 

Sure, you could go the traditional route. Your guests arrive and you hand them a cocktail, then leave them to mingle while you greet the next attendee. But where’s the originality in that? 

This year, kick off your festivities with an unexpected treat. You can set up a scavenger hunt around your home! Expand it to encompass the neighborhood if the weather permits. 

If it’s frigid or you prefer to keep things low-key, have each guest bring a favorite book with them. Break the ice by having a book exchange. In short, try something a little different! 

Pair cocktails with finger foods 

Many hosts figure that their guests will gravitate toward their beverage of choice. Therefore, they don’t pair their cocktails with their appetizers. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world, they’re ignoring the way their drinks can enhance the flavor of the food they serve. 

For example, a neutral liquor like gin adds a touch of citrusy flavor to buttery lobster dishes. Pair spicy foods with beverages light in alcohol, as guests tend to drink more to cool their tongues. When it comes to wine, a glass of bubbly whets the appetite for nearly any meal.

Go glamorous with your setup 

You can make your New Year’s Eve party a little more glamorous by opting for a classy dinner party complete with place settings and candles. You’ll need a slightly bigger budget and a touch of creativity if you have attendees with food restrictions on the guest list. 

That said, you can easily balance a carnivore’s dream meal of surf and turf with a cauliflower steak option for the vegetarian crowd. A quick online search reveals how to make dishes appropriate for people following nearly any diet, from keto to veganism. 

One important detail? Spell out specific instructions in your invitations to avoid guest embarrassment. If you envision a white-tie affair so you can show off your cocktail dress, make sure you’re not the only one not sporting jeans.

Or make things a little wild 

Maybe you prefer a hayride to a limousine. There’s nothing wrong with that! Who says you can’t throw a good, old-fashioned cookout if the weather cooperates? Even if you don’t dine al fresco, you can drag the grill onto a covered porch. 

If you don’t mind the cold, make the weather work for you by throwing an outdoor winter party complete with s’mores. After all, you have ample holiday lights for decorating. Add extra blankets and gloves for guests and have a snowball fight before toasting marshmallows. 

Keep the little ones entertained 

Unless you specify that your event is adults-only, chances are that some of your friends will ask to bring their little ones. If you’re a parent yourself, having instant playmates for your children is part of the charm! 

However, you don’t want toddlers underfoot when you’re carrying a tray. Consider creating a kid-safe playroom for the kids, and hire a responsible babysitter to watch over things if one is available. 

Remind your guests of road safety  

Nothing ruins New Year’s Eve like an accident. Even if you plan activities other than drinking, some guests are bound to overindulge. If you have space, clean the sheets in the guest room and launder additional blankets and towels for those who decide to stay over.  

If you have a smaller home, and you don’t relish the thought of tripping over people, download a rideshare app. That way, you can book an Uber for anyone who enjoys one too many. Communities will often offer complimentary ride services on holiday evenings to decrease the risk of accidents, so investigate these options as well.

Throw the perfect New Year’s bash! 

You don’t need a lot of time or money to throw the perfect party on New Year’s Eve. 

Take these ideas and ring in 2020 surrounded by those you love!

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