Healthy and Easy to Cook Snack Ideas for Your Baby

Healthy and easy to cook snack ideas for your baby.

healthy snack ideas

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You must have noticed that your baby gets hungry in between meals, and you don’t want to introduce the innocent kid to junk yet.  Hence you want healthy and easy to cook snack ideas for your baby. We got you. In addition to giving the little one the best organic baby food, you can add the following homemade snacks for babies to the menu.

Steamed baby carrots

On the list of the world’s best organic baby food, you will find baby carrots. They are a fantastic source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, so they top the list of healthy and easy to cook snacks for your baby.

So, place your carrots in a pan then add a little water mixed with salt and sugar. Boil for about ten minutes then adds some butter. If you have more time, you can make caramelized baby carrots.

Peanut butter and blueberry cupcakes

Did you know that you can add a few things to your cupcakes to raise their nutritional value? For instance, you can add peanut butter and blueberries to the dough for extra fiber, potassium, and proteins.

Plus, cupcakes and biscuits do not spoil easily, so they make an excellent option for healthy baby snacks on the go. Baking them takes less than forty-five minutes.

Banana and blueberry fritters

Takes fifteen to twenty minutes to prepare, plus you can serve fritters as a snack or dessert. Of course, you can give the baby the two fruits in between meals, but sometimes parents want to spice things up for the children. 

In that case, why not combine the two ingredients and some flour and make a delicious and healthy snack. Here’s how you make them

Sweet potato teething biscuits

One of the best organic baby snacks is sweet potato teething biscuits.  Organic sweet potatoes are packed with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. So, you need a sweet potato, some flour, and light vegetable oil. This snack also takes less than thirty minutes to prepare.

Banana, oat, teething biscuits

What if you want to make homemade teething biscuits using baby cereal? You can do that too. Simply use the kid’s favorite banana and oats cereal in place of sweet potato and follow the recipe above.

Teething biscuits help the baby learn how to chew, but they can also raise the chances of tooth decay. Thus, you have to use them sparingly. In fact, avoid adding sugar and other sweeteners to the dough. 

Vegetable popsicle

You no longer have to struggle to make your child love vegetables because now you can turn them into popsicles and serve them as snacks. Veggie pops are healthy snacks for toddlers and older children as well.  All you need is a sweet vegetable smoothie, a funnel and plastic sleeves. Here’s the recipe


The most basic healthy and easy to cook snack idea for your baby is a boiled egg. Eggs have enough proteins to boost your child’s growth. Moreover, organic ones are cheap and easy to find.

Steamed apples

Steamed apples for babies? Yes, you can steam apples to soften them for your baby. It sounds weird, but they are unbelievably sweet. Here’s the recipe. You will be done in twenty minutes. You must have heard the one apple a day cliché, so why not try this one?

Baked broccoli tots

If you want healthy toddler snacks that don’t have a lot of wheat, then try baked broccoli tots. You can also serve them to the whole family as a way of encouraging them to eat broccoli. Cooking the tots might take more than thirty minutes, but your baby will love them.

Last word

Now you have several healthy and easy to cook snack ideas for your baby.  Note that you can try all of them, and treat your little one to a variety of healthy snacks. Don’t be surprised if the whole family gets hooked to these treats.

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