Home Staging Guide

Everybody wants to achieve the best price for his own property. A home staging guide will help to do so.

home staging guide

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Placing your property on the market can be an incredibly stressful time. Of course, you wish to achieve the best market price for the property and in order to do that, you need to present it in its best light to prospective viewers/buyers.

To do that you will need to showcase the property for the purpose of its listings’ photographs but also for the viewings too. This definitely takes effort but the effort you put in should help to bring interested parties to view the property and ultimately to make an offer for it. It’s important to look at your property with fresh eyes. This means seeing the property from the point of view of how others might see it.

So while you might love bright colors on the walls and bright accessories, other people might find this a little overwhelming. It’s important to fix any niggling issues such as torn carpet if it exists. Giving the property a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color is another option that won’t break the bank but will definitely increase its appeal.

Clutter is the biggest enemy of a positive house staging and viewing. Clear out clutter from the property and if you have to, put it in storage in order to get it out of the way. Clutter only serves to clog up rooms and won’t allow prospective buyers to see past it. Removing clutter from a room(s) can have a massive impact on people’s perception of space in a room so while it’s a tiresome task, it has its plus points! 

The guys at EZ Living Interiors have put together an infographic below on the topic of home staging. It covers some helpful advice and tips to help you with the staging of the property in order to achieve the best price for the property; it also breaks down the different parts of the property in order to help you to gain some focus; the graphic also helpfully includes some useful industry expert tips. Check out the full graphic below. 


home staging guide


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