The Ultimate Practical Travel Planning Guide

The ultimate practical travel planning guide for your weekend getaway.

practical travel planning guide

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While planning and anticipating your yearly vacation is always exciting, there’s something truly special about a quick weekend getaway. Perfect for escaping from the stress and the chaos of your everyday routine, these trips can help you relax and unwind without having to sacrifice a lot of time and money. And what’s more, they are some of the simplest and easiest vacations to plan out. Whether you are traveling alone or taking a trip with your family, these practical travel tips will help you plan the perfect weekend getaway quickly and efficiently:

Choose a convenient destination

Even if it’s extended, a weekend doesn’t give you much time to fully explore and enjoy a destination, especially if it’s one that requires spending hours running around the airport. If you want to get the most out of your short trip, the best idea would be to choose a destination that is no further than a three-hour drive, including the traffic. That way, you can seize the whole weekend, and won’t have to set too much time aside for traveling. So, do some research and decide on the best and most convenient weekend getaway for you, whether it’s a tourist attraction in your area you never got the chance to visit or a hidden gem you can’t wait to discover.

Book accommodation ahead of time

While a lot of travelers like to be spontaneous on their adventures, the truth is that an extended weekend getaway doesn’t give you much room for flexibility, as you won’t actually have the time to make certain decisions on the go during a two or three-day getaway. Because of this, it’s always best to do some research in advance and book your accommodation before you hit the road. Depending on your chosen destination, you have the option of booking anything from a hotel to an Airbnb, or even a campsite, but the biggest recommendation would be to stay as close to “the action” as possible, whether that’s a city center, ski slopes or the beach.

Prepare your car for the road

If you’ve chosen a destination that’s close and convenient for a weekend getaway, chances are you’ll be traveling by car. In that case, it’s crucial to do a thorough check-up before you depart, and make sure the ride will be smooth and pleasant the whole way through. When you’re going on a road trip during winter, it’s especially important to opt for quality an fittings and hoses, as the freezing winter temperatures can do some serious damage throughout the vehicle. The last thing any of us want to deal with when we’re traveling is a completely predictable and avoidable car malfunction, so make sure your vehicle is functioning optimally before you hit the road.

Construct a rough schedule

In order to get the most out of your short trip, it would be a good idea to make a rough plan for every day of your weekend getaway. This could be anything from visiting famous landmarks and attractions to making reservations at the most popular restaurants, or even planning a fun shopping spree. It might be a good idea to do some research on your chosen destination beforehand, put together a list of things you would like to see and do, and maximize the time you have on this short trip. Of course, there’s no need to plan out every single minute of your getaway; simply constructing a loose itinerary will do the trick. After all, the most wonderful adventures often happen when you least expect them to.

Remember to pack light

Even if you have the convenience of traveling with your own car that you can fill up with anything you might need, dragging around a large, heavy bag once you arrive to your destination is never fun or practical. As you undoubtedly won’t need 10 different outfit options for a weekend getaway, limit yourself to one outfit combination per day, as well as a pair of comfortable and functional walking shoes. While it’s important to pack appropriately for your chosen destination, taking into consideration both the weather forecast and the culture and customs, it’s never a good idea to go overboard with your luggage, especially when it comes to such a short vacation.

While trying to visit and accomplish everything during such a short period of time might seem like the biggest problem, these smart and practical travel tips will help you make the most out of your short yet sweet weekend getaway.

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