7 Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Kids

Kids need to exercise — and they need it a lot! More children today are overweight or obese than ever before in history. The excess pounds put them at risk of developing diseases later in life.  

fun way to exercise with kids

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So how can you get your children moving more? Kids imitate what they see the adults do so set a good example by exercising regularly. Better yet, turn your workouts into a family activity with these seven tips!

Playground challenges

Your local playground serves as a fitness facility for both you and your little one. Bundle the kiddos up and head to the park to slide and swing. You can take a brisk walk around the grounds or get on the equipment with your tykes. 

Challenge each other to see who can make it across the monkey bars — this works your upper body and core. Get involved in a game of pickup basketball. You might make some new friends, too.

Walk or bike to school

When you idle in the parent pickup line, you release harmful carbon emissions into the air. You also encourage a sedentary lifestyle in your children. 

Walking to school helps facilitate more movement in your children. If they’re young enough to need a chaperone, it gets you going, too. By the age of 10, most children can cross streets safely by themselves. 

Commuting this way helps you introduce them to community members who can help if they ever find themselves in trouble. Plus, you’ll save money and divert wear and tear on your vehicle by not driving. 

Get into the groove

Did you know that dance is a great cardiovascular workout that maintains healthy brain function, as well? You can always sign your child up for formal classes. However, if your budget doesn’t allow that, no problem! 

You can dock your cell phone and put on some of your favorite tunes. Let your children help you make the playlist. Then jam out together in your living room and see who can invent the most creative moves! 

Aquatic exercise

As long as your beloved little one doesn’t fear the water, they’ll naturally gravitate toward aquatic exercise. Most kids associate going to the pool with fun and excitement, not with working out. 

It’s easy to convince them to suit up with you! Create games that get your kids diving and moving in the water. You can play Marco Polo, or toss a coin to the bottom, so they can hone their snorkeling skills while unearthing “ocean treasures.” 

Head out for a hike

Hiking offers a host of benefits to both you and your children. Hiking strengthens your legs and core while improving your cardiovascular fitness. A good hike is equivalent to running a marathon or more, especially if you add a heavy backpack. 

It calms your mind and helps you relax from the chaos of daily life. It inspires creativity and promotes a spirit of environmental stewardship toward the earth. 

This coming weekend, head to a nearby nature area for a hike with your children. When you do, make it fun by letting them explore.

Use or rent a game console

Did you know that you can rent active video games and even entire consoles for free or next to it at your local library? If your kids throw a fit every time you tell them to switch off the television, indulge them with games that make them move. 

Many sports-themed games use sensor technology to mimic the movements made during real-time play. Your kids can learn to swing a golf club or roll a bowling ball in the privacy of their home. This exercise plan comes in handy when the weather’s too frightful to head outdoors. 

Yoga twister 

Your kids need to stretch their muscles, also. You can get them involved in yoga at nearly any age. There isn’t an asana called the Happy Baby for no reason! 

You can make your practice even more fun by breaking out the Twister board. Can you do a triangle pose over your 6-year-old? Why not find out? 

Have fun working out with your kids! Your children learn best from watching what you do. By working out together with these tips, you’ll instill your kids with a lifelong love of fitness. 

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