Best places for family camping in Austria

Where are the best places for family camping in Austria?

familyl camping in Austria

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Austria is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, undoubtedly. The Alpine mountains, the ever stretching meadows, and the turquoise blue lakes – what is not to love about Austria. There are just too many beautiful destinations in Austria, and if you get overwhelmed when you are planning a trip here, it is quite normal.

But don’t worry, I have got you covered. I’ve picked some of the best places for family camping in Austria, and these sure make for a memorable vacation in Austria with your family and loved ones.

Grubhof Camping

The Grubhof Campsite is situated in the foothills of the Salzburg Alps, right next to a river that makes it an exquisite camping spot for family camping. Initially designed as a castle park which was then converted to a campsite, the beauty of the region is unspoiled that makes sure you have a peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 

Situated amidst the beauty of the Alps, the campsite not only boasts spacious camping sites and a fantastic setting around it but also excels in the facilities it provides. Adults can spend their time in the Gym or the Wellness Alm. The whole area is maintained clean and has excellent sanitary facilities. You also have a well-stocked supermarket, fresh bakery, and a quality restaurant. The Grubhof Campsite is also dog-friendly. 

Recreational activities for children at the campsite include a soccer field, trampoline, and a table tennis table. Winter camping gets even more fun in Grubhof Camping when you can for skiing in the Lofer Mountains and indulge in other winter sports. 


Reservations can be done from the official website of Grubhof Camping.

Camping Solden

The Camping Solden is situated at Tyrol, and camping here is an altogether unique experience that is sure to be fun for your kids. 

A bakery, shop, and restaurants can be found at a distance of around 200m from the campsite. It also has a wellness center for the guests, and sanitary facilities at the campsite are exemplary. Skiing and snowboarding are a must in winters. Solden spans a very large skiing area and the campsite itself has a skiing room with all the skiing gear. 

Hiking is also a very popular activity from Camping Solden. Some of the famous hikes around the campsite are the Otztal trek, Mining Trail & Wetterkreuzkogel, and Nature Park Walk in the Vent, Ramolalm. Though you can go out for hiking, the campsite also has an indoor climbing wall. 

Recreational activities for the kid include Bicycling, Table Tennis and a games room. Besides this, it also has a playground exclusively for children and an indoor play area. The campsite is dog-friendly.


Reservations can be done from the official website of Campsite Sölden.


family camping in Austria

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Panorama Camping Sonnenberg

The Panorama Camping Sonnenberg is truly the most beautifully located campsite, facing a majestic view of the Alps. The Camping Sonnenberg has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and is a perfect place for a family getaway.

Recognized as the ‘the friendliest camping site in Europe’, the campsite is run by a couple who are very friendly and provide the best service. Camping Sonnenberg gives you generous space to move around your camping spots, and enjoy the pristine surroundings.  

The campsite also has top-notch laundry facilities, sanitary and spacious washing spaces. You could go up hiking from Bludenz, or also take a cable car and then start off with your hike. For kids, there is an on-site playground, Table tennis, and Indoor play facilities. Dogs are welcome here. 


Reservations can be done from the official website of Camping Sonnenberg.

Camping Berau

The Camping Berau is located right at the banks of the Wolfgangsee river, set amidst a beautiful Alpine setting as the backdrop. It is open all year round and is a perfect family getaway both in the summer and in the winter. 

Recreational activities near the campsite include mountain biking and hiking the Alps. On-site recreational facilities include Table tennis and other Indoor play facilities. Located very close to the lake, Camping Berau is ideal for those who love swimming. You can also hire boats from the campsite to navigate to the surrounding destinations.  Cross-country skiing, skiing, and snowboarding are some of the popular winter sports in the campsite. 

The campsite also has stores, cafes and restaurants out of which the Restaurant Schmankerlstubn is a must-try for local delicacies. Camping Berau, however, is not dog-friendly.


Reservations can be done from the official website of Camping Wolfgangsee Berau.

So that is it for the article guys! I hope you have your next destination in Austria shortlisted for camping with your family. Have you visited or camped in Austria before? Or are you planning a trip real soon? Let us know in the comments of your experiences, we would love to hear them 🙂

Have fun and most importantly stay safe!

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