Under 30 minutes Amazing Beef Recipes

How to cook amazing beef under 30 minutes? Here are some awesome recipes!

amazing beef recipes

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Who doesn’t get excited when there is tasty food in the picture? The festive season is around, and for those looking at great non-vegetarian dishes, red meat steals the show. The good news is that red meat packs a whole bunch of nutritional benefits. Red meat, especially beef, has a high value of protein, vitamin B12, and zinc content. 

So, if you are looking at combining good nutritional value with good taste for this festive season, then, you could start with these recipes and have finger-licking beef items ready in just 30minutes. Visit website to learn and cook such fantastic dishes. Now let us introduce you to a few lip-smacking recipes:

Bulgogi stir fry

If you are in a rush and looking for a portion of low-calorie food, Bulgogi stir fry is the meal for you. Marinate juicy beef with a paste made from ginger, soy sauce, garlic chunks, pineapple, chilly, sugar, and sesame oil. Then stir fry the Marinated beef with onions for 5 minutes. A delicious appetizer is ready to serve.

Oriental beef skewers with cucumber salad

Want to have some beef, but don’t want to get the fat? This one’s ideal for your taste! Grill steak strips covered with sauce and sesame seeds for 12-minutes.Toss cucumber, spring onions, green-chilly, and coriander leaves in soy and vinegar sauce. Serve steak strips and salad in a plate and get blown away with the fusion. 

Beef Panang curry

Thai cuisine is famous for it’s unique and bold flavors. This dish is more of a flavorsome sauce. The sauce is made primarily with fish sauce, fermented shrimp paste, red curry paste, and peanuts. Heat coconut milk in a pan until you get a thick and creamy consistency in the paste. Then add the Panang sauce to it, along with pepper and beef and fry it. It’s now ready to be served hot.

Indian curry mince with pappadams

When it comes to curries, Indian taste tops it all. Fry onions and minced meat in a pan. Add in korma curry paste, tomatoes, coconut milk, and water to it. Stir it till thickened and done. Combine this with pappadams and savor a delectable dish. The most convenient part is you can prepare this in 15-minutes only.

Paprika beef taco cups

It’s a headache to make children eat their food. Follow our recipe and stay worry-free. Make taco cups with tortilla wraps. Fry the onion, minced beef, paprika, kidney beans, and cumin until cooked. Then add this mixture to the taco cups prepared. Mark our words, these taco cups will be gulped by your children in no time. 

Beef and spinach burritos

Prepare beef and spinach burritos when you want to have a leisurely dinner, but you are not in a mood to compromise on taste. The best part about this dish is its extremely high nutritional value, and the kids would love the burritos too. Just stir and cook, minced meat, spinach, and beans with seasoning and sauce. Then roll them into tortillas with cheddar cheese. Yay, your tasty burritos are ready to dig in!

Kung Pao beef

A Chinese beef dish that needs a lot of ingredients, but the end product is worth the effort. Mix beef, salt, and cornstarch. Prepare a sauce with rice wine ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, and chilly sauce. Toast Sichuan peppercorns till fragrant. Now fry peppercorns with chilies in peanut oil. Add the beef, sauce, and toasted peanuts and cook for 5 minutes. Tasty Kung Pao beef is ready to eat.

We hope these ideas help you spice up your festival, literally and gastronomically! Happy cooking! 

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