6 Tricks for Creating a Comfy Family Home

6 Tricks for creating a comfy family home you’ll never want to leave.

creating comfy family home

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Your home isn’t simply a place where you come to sleep at night – ideally, it should be an inviting and comfortable space where you can easily relax and unwind from a particularly hard day, and where you can look forward to spending your free time. No matter your lifestyle, there are many simple ways you can create a warmer and more welcoming environment in your home that requires no special knowledge of decorating or interior design. Here are 6 things that will help you create a comfy home you’ll never want to leave:

Use color to your advantage

Simply incorporating one colorful wall or statement piece into a certain room can transform the whole mood and feel of the space. For example, silky, neutral-colored linens can add a sense of style and serenity to any bedroom, while a bright yellow or orange shade may add just the right amount of exuberance to a family living room. While choosing the perfect color scheme might be difficult when you’re not a professional, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues and color combinations to see how they impact the feeling of your space.

Introduce new art pieces

Nothing truly makes a home more personal and lived-in than walls that are covered in a carefully chosen collection of photographs and art pieces. From cherished family memories to inspirational quotes on posters, there are many ways to cover your surroundings with exciting visuals without breaking the bank. And with interesting flea markets and endless online sources available today, you can find surprisingly inexpensive yet incredibly impactful prints and paintings that will liven up any living space.

Opt for unique design details

If you want to create a cozy and more personalized atmosphere, you need to fill your home with design details that truly feel like you. Even if those details are small and seemingly insignificant, they will fill the space up and give it more character and style. So, find a store like Marimekko, and stock up on intricate fabrics, colorful cushion covers, printed blankets or even unique tableware items, which will enable you to create a more cohesive theme and color scheme throughout your home, apart from allowing you to add that special personal touch.

Add different layers and textures

A simple way to keep your home from looking plain and feeling too cold is to add several layers of different textures. Start by incorporating natural elements, such as wood and leather, into your flooring and furniture, as these materials add a more organic feel to your space. Then, add some soft, textured rugs around your home for additional warmth and comfort. Don’t forget that accessories play an incredibly important role as well, so place a faux fur throw over a chair or a sofa, put lots of soft plush or fuzzy pillows around your bedroom and living room, and throw some chunky knit blankets over your furniture to add some more interest and warmth to your home.

Incorporate more lighting

Nothing makes a home feel less inviting than insufficient, or even worse, fluorescent lighting. While it would be ideal to incorporate more natural light into any space, that might not always be a viable option. In that case, make sure your existing light fixtures emit warm temperature shades of white or yellow, to promote relaxation in your home. Then, put in additional lighting as appropriate, whether in the form of well-placed lamps or string lights, to make your space instantly feel more homey. Scented candles are another great way to add a fair amount of warmth and coziness to any space.

Use lots of plants and flowers

Well-known for their ability to reduce stress and positively impact our mood, houseplants are ideal for making any space feel more comfortable and inviting, which is why you should consider being quite liberal with greenery in your home. If you don’t have the green thumb to take on high-maintenance plants, there are plenty of less fussy houseplants you can opt for, apart from faux plants, which will also help you achieve a similar effect. You might even want to think about putting some fresh flowers on the coffee table or the mantelpiece, to add some vibrancy and natural beauty to your home, while creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

As long as you keep colors, textures and unique design details in mind when decorating your home, you can easily create a more cozy and comfortable living space that truly makes you feel great.

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