How to Help Your Kid Choose a Career Path in Fashion

How to help your kid choose a career path in fashion?

kid choose career path in fashion

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Helping your child choose the right career path for them isn’t an easy job to do as you need to differentiate your wishes and desires from the ones your child has because, after all, your child is the one who is probably going to be doing it for the rest of his/her life. If your kid loves fashion and creativity, there are so many professions related to the fashion industry in which they can pursue a career. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Fashion styling

Fashion stylists usually work with a team of creative experts, photographers, designers, and models, and their role is to create an image for a brand that will make it distinctive and remarkable. Also, it is very important to always make clothes look astonishing, even when the quality isn’t that good. Even though their job is mostly to employ their creativity and “play with clothes”, stylists should have some knowledge about business and communication.

Visual presentation

Although visual presentation overlaps some features with fashion styling, these two professions are completely different. We can say that visual presentation specialists are storytellers responsible for making store windows look good and helping their customers decide and choose their products. Persuading someone into doing something is never an easy task to do, but visual presentation specialists have found a way to do that in a most creative manner-by creating surroundings that stimulate and influences customers. 

Public relations

If your child is enthusiastic, communicative and friendly, this could be the right job for them considering that it’s the kind of profession where personality plays an important role. We can say that PR representatives are mediators between a brand, their product, and consumers, they are making sure that the brands’ image stays impeccable and memorable. Among many other duties, they’re considered to be doing, PR representatives are coming up with creative ways to help brands and fashion companies find their target audience and promote their product to them. To become a public relations representative, your child should get a degree in marketing or communications.

Production management

If your kid possesses good organizational skills and love for fashion, there is no reason not to advise him to pursue a career as a production manager. It’s thrilling, as well as demanding field, considering that PM’s are accountable for the quality of products. For example, the new master in fashion management at IED Barcelona claims that fashion managers should oversee the complete cycle of fashion, from product conceptualization until the product is placed on the store shelf and eventually packed in consumer’s shopping bag. 

Fashion journalism

Being a fashion journalist is demanding and can be very stressful, but it’s also a job that offers so many benefits, like traveling and meeting many important and famous people in the fashion industry. Whether your kid prefers going on the field, visiting fashion shows and events or just staying in the coziness of their own home or office, this is the job where they can do it all. Encourage your kid to take some writing courses, or even start their fashion blog where they can strengthen their writing skills and gain some experience.

Fashion merchandising

This field requires affection towards both business and fashion, so if your child is a fashion lover but is also interested in marketing or business management, this is the right profession for them. Merchandisers should have an analytical mindset that will help them determine and predict what fashion trends will be desirable in the future, what consumers love now and what they will love in years to come. Even if it doesn’t sound demanding, it’s quite challenging and job, but more than worthwhile doing. 

Deciding on a career path is difficult even for adults, who have years of life experience, thus this task is much harder for children, but it’s not impossible. Professions listed above are just some from a bunch of them in the fashion industry, where are so many more possibilities and opportunities. Advise your kid to make a list of their three most desired professions and help them narrow it down to the one they should pursue. 

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