15 Reasonable Reasons Why New Moms Should Learn Sewing

15 reasonable reasons why new moms should learn sewing.

reasons to learn sewing

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Sewing is a good skill for passing time, and it is also a useful leisure act for new mothers. It gives them a feeling of doing something constructive and useful that has high emotional value and is a ladder down from tradition right into the childhood of their kids. 

It is also a therapeutic skill that makes them calmer. To learn more about the benefits of learning to sew, make sure you read it till the end.  

A sewing machine is a must 

To get started with this new activity there are a few things that you must collect. A sewing machine tops that list. Are you worried about the expense of buying a new sewing machine? Just take the opportunity of a Black Friday deal on sewing machines to cut the cost.

Weaving a dream

Stepping into motherhood or coming to know that they are expecting can be overwhelming, and sometimes, it’s a dream come true for a woman. The dream she has woven since she was a little girl and used to play with dolls calling it her child, making dresses for her dolls. 

From make-believe motherhood and making dresses for her dolls to making dresses or sweaters for her child, a new mother should take up or learn sewing to weave reality from dreams.

Perception of planning and preparing

New mothers can take up sewing and relate to their building thoughts of raising a child and making them feel like they are prepared because most sewing projects require a little more than a needle and thread. 

They need planning, measurements, selecting patterns, and finally, adapting to the flow of the already finished material to make a full piece. 

New hobby

A new mother may be on a leave of absence from her daily job and have ample of time for herself. Learning to sew has many good prospects, and this can even turn out to be a hobby that she can enjoy later in life. 

Why not pick up a new habit in your free time and weave tiny socks or clothes for your child, just like you will help your child weave his or her life. 

Express emotions

It is often emotional for a woman to give birth to a new life. 

One can only imagine if she could learn to sew clothes or sweaters for her newborn and express her love and care in the fabrics that she handmade by herself or weave and express her emotions in the patters her needles pick up in the tiny socks or sweaters.

Memories of the emotions

A mother’s emotions relative to having a child forever stays the most important of all her memories. The memories we hold are often related to a piece of music, or in some cases, clothes. 

A new mother can learn sewing and make handmade clothes for her child, and within the fabrics of wool and cotton, she can trap the memories of these emotions between the woven yarn of these closes only to recall them when those precious times have passed.

Help concentrate

Pregnancy can be stressful, and so can taking care of the baby. New mothers can find some time of their own to make something with their own hands and creativity. 

Learning something can give them the joy of doing something by themselves and help them concentrate on being constructive, as many mothers may be on leave due to conceiving a baby, and this might later serve as a recreational activity while on a small holiday. 

Passing time

New mothers who are still expecting children may be off work and maybe on the bed. They can learn sewing through online classes and do something useful and not feel left out of their busy lives as they are utilizing the time to learn something.


Many of us have seen our grandmothers sewing or our moms telling us a story of how her mother wove her clothes when she was a child while passing hand-me-down sweaters to us. 

A new mother can take this as an example and learn sewing because the responsibility to carry on or stick to our traditions is something many of us hold close to our hearts. 

Having a child can be very emotional for a woman and often an inspiration to recall memories of that time, and one can bring to life these feelings by following tradition (in this case, learning to sew).


One can imagine putting her newborn baby to sleep after a lot of struggle and playing on some soft music and sitting by the cradle in an armchair on a winter afternoon as she sews socks for her child. 

This can be relaxing and, at the same time, something constructive to do while keeping an eye on her child. This can give the mother a feeling that she is spending some quality time with her child and being productive at the same time.

Something creative

Only a mother knows how it feels to be a part of creating life and bringing life on earth after waiting for 9 long months. 

The joy of creating a piece of cloth or a sweater may come in similar terms, and a new mother can relate it to weaving patterns and making a whole complete piece of cloth as she wraps it around her child to keep him or her warm, both of which she created.

Expenses and customizing

A newborn baby comes with increases in expenditure and responsibilities and requires many new clothes. 

If a new mother learns how to sew, she can cut down on the costs of buying socks, sweaters, handmade dresses, and sometimes, soft blankets and fill them with floral designs by weaving and designing the thread pattern. 

By making their own clothes, mothers can customize the design size and patterns at their own wish and change them according to the festivities they desire.

The science behind the sewing

Do we realize that we feel a little more comfortable and that it feels warmer when we wear a handmade sweater rather than the store-bought ones? 

This is because handwoven sweaters are not made in machines, and they have more air gaps between the fibers that trap air and make us feel warmer than store-bought sweaters. A new mother should indeed take up sewing, having a warm idea of the concept of handmade clothing for their child.

Amazing gift

Handmade items are always held above any store-bought gifts, and what could be more of a perfect fit than a festive handmade sock, shawl or sweater for your toddler or newborn baby from a mother during Christmas or New Years? And what a significant memory such clothes can hold for the child when he or she grows up. 

Hand-me-down tradition

Mothers and sisters always hand down their old sweaters and clothes to their little ones, and if a new mother starts to learn sewing during their pregnancy and carries it on, she may later pass it on to her child and teach him or her too while sharing memories of how she learned it when she was young.

Hand-eye coordination and exercise

New mothers can learn sewing to can help them focus and concentrate on work, which will then help them to do the same in other areas of their life. It can help them build their confidence as well.

Final thoughts

In a short glance, we’ve seen that a new mother learning how to sew has many benefits, from emotional attachment by weaving clothes and weaving her dreams about her child to actually thinking about taking up sewing as a hobby. 

Happy sewing!

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