9 Best Destinations to Move with a Family

What are the best destinations to move with a family?

best destinations to move

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Many people decide to move to another country to live for a variety of reasons. Some people are not satisfied with their jobs and move to a foreign country to earn more money and enjoy more freedom. Others like the culture and environment of an overseas location and decide to more there for living.

However, it is not easy for any family to select a country or location where they can spend the rest of their life. There are many countries, and there are some good and bad things in every country. The country where you move must have jobs, high income, education, employment, and all the resources required for living and bringing up children.

There are countries like the US, UK, Canada, Dubai, and Australia, in which most people prefer to move for a living. Let us check out some of the best destinations to move with a family.


People who like adventures and being social with others can move to Malaysia. People living in Malaysia can have a high income and a good work-life balance. If you want more money and free time for yourself, you can consider moving to Malaysia for a living.

United States

The US being the world’s biggest economic power, attracts people from all around the world to work and live there. People usually move temporarily or permanently to work in jobs and find career growth. When people work in the US for five years or more, they can apply for permanent citizenship and live there for a lifetime. The US ranks on the third number for career progression, that is the reason people prefer visiting here to achieve growth in their career. However, the costs of living and bringing up children are higher in the US as compared to other countries.


Russia is a country that offers you a great work-life balance, social life, and many sources for entertainment. Similar to the US, the costs of living in Russia are also high, but you can get the best childcare and education. Childcare and education are expensive but of high quality. The schools in Russia are second in terms of quality education.

United Arab Emirates

UAE is popular in the world for its high paying jobs, and people working there can earn higher than any other country. An average person with some experience can earn a salary of $124,000. Although the cost of living is high, the quality of life in the UAE is amazing. Also, it has world-famous shopping malls and restaurants with delicious foods for people from every part of the globe.

The children of parents from foreign countries are not allowed to study in public schools. However, there are many reputed international schools where your children can get a high-quality education. The culture in the UAE is different from western countries like the US and UK. The country is somewhat conservative due to its Islamic traditions. The language spoken in the country is difficult for other people which make it difficult to make local friends.


Germany is a country that is considered as highly safe for living for families. The economy and political system of Germany is one of the most stable in the world. Many expats believe that living in Germany is safer than their own country. However, the cost of living in Germany is high, and the expats also complain about the difficulty of social life.


People who look for the best country to raise a family can move to Sweden as it is best in childcare. The cost and quality of childcare are best in Sweden. The economy is stable in the country, which ranks it on the top among other countries. People praise Sweden for its job security and work-life balance.

Sweden has beautiful landscaping, including lakes and forests, which make it attractive to foreigners. Moreover, the quality of life is high, and healthcare is also affordable. The downsides of living in Sweden are the high costs of living and difficult to find accommodation.


Many people prefer to move and live in Australia due to its high score in assimilation and a great work-life balance. Expats can enjoy a great work culture and life as organizations in Australia practice respect and professionalism. However, there are some downsides, such as expensive living costs and childcare. It is essential to find a decent paying job before moving to Australia so that you can meet the day to day expenses with your salary.


Canada is one of the best destinations for expats who want to move to a foreign country for working or living. Many people from Asian countries move to Canada every year for work. The natives of Canada are friendly, and it is very easy to integrate into local communities. The native language is English, which makes it easy to communicate with local people.

The jobs, accommodation, and quality of life are excellent in Canada, which makes it highly attractive for expats. The quality of education is also high in the country, and the crime rate is low. Moreover, healthcare services are also the best in the world. All these factors make Canada the most attractive destination for moving with a family.


Oman is the country famous for its strong economy as it ranks ninth in the world. The oil industry in Oman is the biggest across the world that contributes to its high economy. Moreover, the fishing, tourism, and agriculture industry are also on the rise. The country ranks second in terms of disposable income and fourth for work-life balance. However, raising a family might be difficult as Oman does not score well for childcare and other measures in this category.

Final words

These are the best countries to move with a family. It is best to hire an international removal service to move to any country. Movers like removalist Palm Beach can help any family to move to a foreign country with ease. Families who want a better work-life balance, living culture, and higher incomes can consider these countries for working and spending their life.

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