Important Things To Remember When Traveling With Kids

Important things to remember when traveling with kids.

things to remember when traveling with kids

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If it is your first time traveling with kids, or you are hoping for a fun and less stressful trip than those you had in the past, we are here to assure you that it can happen with the help of some important things you need to keep in mind while traveling with your children.

A good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that kids get uncomfortable when they can’t anticipate what is coming next, especially if your family does not travel frequently. By explaining the trip’s outline to your children, you can ensure that they will be expecting what will happen in each situation, which will result in their comfort and happiness.

Also, take the opportunity to set rules and expectations for different situations, like how to act on an airplane or a car, at the hotel and during city tours. Moreover, if you are planning to stay at a family or friend’s home, you can set rules for your kids’ behavior around hosts. After explaining to your kids what to expect, now it is your turn to get ready.

Reaching your destination

Road trips

On-road trips, kids can’t tolerate being strapped into those car-seats for too long; they have the urge to walk, jump, and feel everything around them. What’s more, many kids do not understand the concept of patience while waiting in a train, bus or car to reach somewhere spectacular. So, to overcome their fussiness, prepare some fun and entertaining road trip activities for kids, like sketching and coloring activities. Or even fun games like the classic, “I Spy.” These activities will surely keep your toddler or your tween entertained during the long car ride.


If you will be traveling by plane, most of those activities will work too, and you can add to them some small favorite toys. However, flying might be a little different; when you travel by yourself, you will probably choose the ticket based on its price, and reach the airport just in time. But with kids, all this won’t work. 

While booking your tickets, try to pick the best time depending on your kids’ sleeping routine. Stay away from their sleep and nap times—even if it will cost you a bit more—because they will be exhausted and already too cranky to start the trip. 

If you could not pick the right time, then reschedule their sleeping and napping time in advance, to ensure a relaxed and happier kid aboard.

Go to the airport early to have enough time to deal with your kids’ unexpected needs; going to the toilet or a meltdown over forgetting their favorite teddy. Try to minimize your time in waiting lines at airports by looking for family gates, or asking for a skip line option for your family prior to your trip. 

At your destination

Hungry kids

Always have healthy snacks in reach for your kids; the time between meals can stretch, flights can be delayed, and city tours can be longer than you think. Especially if you are traveling to a new country, your kids might not like to try new food at mealtimes.

Strollers and ride-on

Keep a compact and lightweight stroller with you at all times for your younger kids, in case they get tired or need a nap. Some parents take ride-on equipment like a compact scooter for their older kids to use while exploring the city.

Preparing hungry kids trip

Getting lost

You can be caught up in the city map trying to find your way, and the next second your kid vanishes. Especially if your kids have a habit of disappearing, always know where they are. Keep your contact information—name, phone number and hotel address—in their backpack or pocket just in case, and explain to them what to do if they get lost. 

With older kids, you can agree on a specific place to go to, or ask for help from employees in uniforms in malls or theme parks.

Basic medicine

If you as a parent had a headache, most of the day could be ruined, but you can avoid that by packing a basic medicine bag for all your family. Choose over-the-counter-medications for headaches, flu, tummy aches, motion sickness, allergies, and muscle relaxants. 

We can conclude that kids get cranky out of not knowing what to expect, sleep deprivation, hunger and boredom. By working on those specific needs, you can have a super fun and relaxed trip. Keep in mind that things might go wrong while traveling with kids and that is fine; you are providing them with a beautiful and irreplaceable experience. 

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