Which Type of Mattress is the Best in Pregnancy Period

Which type of mattress is the best in pregnancy period?

best mattrasses in pregnancy period

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Once you get pregnant, everything changes. From the first through to the last trimester, your hormones are all over the place, and your body is changing in ways you cannot explain. At such a period, everything you may have liked in the past may not quite be convenient. You need to change up so many things about your life, including the clothes you wear, shoes, and even a mattress. 

Most of your time when pregnant has to be spent resting, for the health of both you and the unborn baby. It would not be a surprise that a lot of the time you are caught in the bed. That said, it matters that you are using the right mattress that offers you optimum support and comfort in all the right places. In that case, how do you decide which type of mattress is best for you in this period? If you are the one pregnant or you plan to surprise your pregnant friend with a mattress, here is the ultimate guide:

Loom & Leaf

When talking of the best mattress for pregnancy, the Loom and Leaf is a pretty good choice. This mattress has been fashioned for comfort, given that it has multiple firmness options (two firmness options, ‘Medium’ (5.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale) and ‘Firm’ (8)). The multiple firmness options are good news because they can suit different pregnant women, regardless of their body types and feel preferences. 

It excels in motion isolation and conforming, not to mention, the layers of gel memory foam and standard memory foam that provide ample softness and conform nicely to a pregnant woman. It is also suitable for hot sleepers, which is also common among pregnant women. This mattress assures you of longevity, given its 15-year warranty.

Casper Wave

The Casper Wave is one of the best luxury mattresses in the market. It comes with a ‘Medium Soft’ (4.5) firmness level with thick pressure-relieving comfort layers. These comfort layers make up a comfort system that consists of polyfoam, memory foam, and blended latex layers. These all work together to hug the body closely to provide exceptional pain and pressure relief. Its high-density foam support core helps maintain a sag-free surface and minimize sinkage around the edges. The mattress is particularly best for pregnant women in the light and average weight groups.

Nectar Memory Foam

The Nectar mattress features varying layers of high-quality memory foam with blended cotton and Tencel cooling cover, which makes it excel in temperature regulation. It has a medium firmness level ranging between 5.5 and7.5. Thanks to the different layers, the mattress can conform to your shape and provide targeted pressure relief.

The Bear Mattress

For light-weight sleepers, this is the best mattress. The mattress is made for comfort, with varying supportive foams with a breathable Celliant technology cover. It has a medium-firm of 6.5, and is best at contouring to your body’s shape and relieving pressure in the heavier midsection and shoulders. The breathable cover and the layer of gel-infused memory foam ensure temperature regulation. The mattress is the best for pregnant women in their third trimester, because of adequate body support.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze

If you are looking for a super responsive mattress that conforms to your body, then go for this mattress. It flaunts the classic memory foam feel with the plush support of TEMPUR material that conforms to your body movements and shape. The best part is that the mattress adapts to your body temperature and helps dissipate heat when necessary. Besides, comes with excellent motion isolation that will leave you undisturbed even with a partner who moves around in bed a lot during the night, which is perfect news for a pregnant woman.


Nolah Mattress is somewhat of a newcomer to the market, but it airs on the side of soft versus a handful of its competitors (e.g. Casper, Nectar, etc..). Like others on this list it comes with a medium-soft firmness level, but what makes it really unique is that it uses a patented tech known as ‘air foam’. Air foam acts like a mixture of traditional foam and latex, providing ample support and ‘bounce’ but with none of the heat-trapping affects of traditional memory foam. Nolah product comes in variations; a traditional 10-inch mattress, a 12, and a hybrid — all of which range in levels of softness and support.

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