The Best Destinations for Skiing

What are the best destinations for skiing?

destinations for skiing

Photo by Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash

A family ski holiday is the best bet when you want to enjoy quality time with your loved ones toward the year end.  To get the best holiday deals, visit and check out some of the cheapest holiday destinations. To start you off, below are six places you should consider for your next skiing vacation. Most are suitable for low level and intermediate skiers, so you can travel with confidence.


The French, Savory Alps, Swiss, and the Dolomites are the highest mountain ranges in Europe forming the border on the West and North. The snow-covered slopes of these mountains make up the most famous ski destinations in Europe. The Dolomites, for example, has over a dozen peaks which exceed a height of 3000 meters with snow from November to April or even longer. The Dolomites provide the most skiable terrain with sites such as the glacier-carved Cortina d’Ampezzo, the smaller Val Gardena which offers a more intimate ski terrain, and the glitzy and glamorous Courmayeur.


It should be every skier’s dream to get to the Swiss Alps. Most resorts here have easy-to-cruise terrains and learning programs for amateurs. Zermatt is the highest winter sports area with a vertical drop of more than 2000 meters. The oldest and well-known winter sports area, St. Moritz , is the venue for world ski events. Regardless of its global status, it is a suitable site for all skill levels. It is known for some of the best intermediate terrains and long runs.


Austria hosts over 7000 km of slopes and over 400 ski resorts. Ski Alberg is the biggest ski resort in Austria with over 300 km of slopes. It has 87 ski lifts that have connected the multiple areas in Alberg. The second-largest ski area is the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser. It is the largest in Tirol and has 284 km of slopes. It is also the most connected in the area, with 90 lifts, so you get to ski as far as you like.


The Swedish mountains offer many resorts and snow-capped slopes for skiing enthusiasts. Are is the largest ski resort that accommodates skiers of all skill levels. It has 40 lifts, 103 runs, and night skiing as well. Salen ski resort is the most popular spot in Sweden for intermediate skiers. The spot has a lot to offer including 160 runs and an area where families can ski.


Norwegian ski resorts are very family-friendly as they have built-in facilities that can accommodate kids. Trysil is the largest ski resort in Norway with over 44 runs and 30 lifts. If you want to learn, Trysil is the place to be as well as it has a ski school. Hemsedal is said to be the best resort in the country, also accommodating people of all ages. At Hemsedal, you can get to venture off the slopes.


Japan has the perfect snow. At Niseko, you will enjoy skiing on consistent and quality snow and four interlinked destinations. The Hakuba is the largest and most famous alpine resort in Japan and home to people with all levels of experience. 

Which of the six destinations will you visit on your next skiing holiday?

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