The Ultimate Household Cleaning Guide for Keeping Your Home Healthy

The ultimate household cleaning guide for keeping your home healthy.

household cleaning guide

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Truth be told, most people don’t enjoy the thought of cleaning their home and they dread the day they planned it was going to take place. Many people resort to trying not to leave too much disarray on a daily basis in the hope they would have less mess to clean. But if you cannot see it with your bare eyes, it doesn’t mean the dirt doesn’t exist. So, for those who want for their house to be a healthy place and not just to keep up appearances, here is a detailed guide for cleaning three essential rooms in every house.


When it comes to your and your family’s health, the kitchen is perhaps the most dangerous zone. There is a number of food-borne illnesses that can be contracted by not cleaning the kitchen properly. Also, your freezer will work more efficiently if you clean it and defrost it since it will have to work less to freeze food which means that it would consume less electricity. So, the best thing to do is to start with all the visible surfaces and scrub them clean. However, make sure you use the recommended amount of cleaning products because as you know, they are filled with different chemicals which could be hazardous in larger quantities. 

Clean the sink regularly and remember to replace the sponges often since bacteria like to linger there. Then you need to move to the less visible places, such as between and behind the appliances, as well as the drain. There are many places people wouldn’t even remember to clean, so being aware of the health risks and the importance of cleaning their kitchen, many go for hiring professional cleaners. This strategy often saves both time and money since they are efficient, thorough and you can even learn a trick or two on how to make your kitchen both a clean and healthy place. 


Many people get grossed out at the mere thought of scrubbing the toilet but it is essential for your health to do so. If you can’t handle it, there is always a crew of cleaners at your beck and call but let’s go through some essentials. Speaking of the toilet, don’t forget to clean the water jets under the rim and what you can do is to soak them in vinegar overnight and rinse it in the morning. The bathroom seat would need some scrubbing too, so it would be wise to remove it so you can get to every nook and cranny. Once you are finished, you can put a stamp-in gel or some other type of toilet cleaning aid which will help you with it staying clean longer.

Moving on, it’s time for wiping the mirrors, faucets and cleaning the bathtub. Again, be mindful of the amount of product you use on the bathtub since the fumes from the chemicals can be more than unpleasant. When it comes to tending to your laundry, picking up the excess of water from the rubber on the door of a washing machine is essential since the water and warmth could become a dwelling place for bacteria. Naturally, the higher the quality of the washing machines, the less work it would need on keeping it in order. As for the persistent tile mildew, you could opt for a gel cleanser as opposed to the spray since it will stay put where you applied it and thus be more efficient. 


Your place of rest should be an oasis for you and not mites. If you have a ceiling fan to keep you cool in the hot summer nights, it is vital that you take care of the dust that accumulates on the blades, so you can try doing it with an old pillowcase. And how about the dust on your blinds which makes you wonder how it got there in the first place? To get rid of it, you can wrap tongs in the microfiber cloth and you will easily get access to all the dust. As for the bed, once you place your linen in the washing machine, you can refresh the mattress with some baking soda and then vacuum it. This trick will help with picking up odors although it would not help any breakfast-in-bed stains. 

Tending to your carpet can be as easy as vacuuming it or first using a squeegee broom to pick up hair from it if you have a pet. Also, the pet hair rollers might be helpful but they are more useful when applied to sofas and somebody’s clothes because those surfaces are smaller. A part of having a quality night’s sleep is to air the room regularly since sleeping in a room full of stale air will affect your sleep and consequently your productivity. Airing the room will reduce the carbon dioxide levels and improve your sleeping conditions. 

One of the best pieces of advice that is applicable to any room is to clean after yourself regularly. If you wipe certain surfaces after each use, you will have less to clean when the day for big cleaning comes. For those with hectic lifestyles, in order to keep the place spotless, you can opt for hiring professionals to give you more time to spend with your friends and family.

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