5 Adventurous Things to Do in California

What to do in California? Here are 5 adventurous things to try!

adventurous things in California

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

California has almost everything for your adventure and fun. It has amazing mountains, wonderful deserts, deep forests, peaceful lakes and scenic coastal lines. This is the place you can explore throughout your life and still would like to visit over and over again. The ride a hot air balloon, camping, hiking and other activities would be your memories for life. You would love to capture photos with eye catching sights.

California has the coolest gardens, pretty bridges and buildings, broad museum, ghost town, island and much more. San Francisco alone bring you so many places to visit and build a memory album. The Death Valley is an excellent place and super place, but it is extremely hot in summers. There is so much more that you need to explore but there are 5 adventures that you must not miss while at California.

Hike to Burney Falls

Burney Falls has been called the eighth wonder of the world by Theodore Roosevelt. It is the best waterfall of the state. It is so beautiful to trap you for a while. You would love to come again to this waterfall. Though there are better hikes in California but no better destination of the hike. This hike is 1.3mile scenic loop. It is easier for any kind of hiking ability. It brings you to 129-mile-high waterfall that is mesmerizing.

Look at Stargaze at Glacier Point

Though there are a lot of amazing places to see at the sky at night but glacier point is the best choice. It is in Yosemite and give a chance to see the sunsetting over half dome and the millions of stars that light up at night. It is just magical to experience this scenic view that will bring you peace.

Kayak to Fannette Island  

The south lake brings you the experience of Kayak for moving to Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay is a beautiful island with a tea house at the top of it. The adventure of kayak will be a soulful experience with a calm sky over you and cool water below. Paddle the kayak to the island and love this adventure. Kayak is available there on rent, you can leave it at the bay of island and walk to the tea house, then come back.

Mountains moving at Death Valley

Death Valley is itself a worth visiting place. The way to Death Valley is itself adventurous. You have to move a 27-mile dirt road to the racetrack. This ride will show you the rock’s moving on their own. The Death Valley is the desert spot with moving mountains at the racetrack that you must see to believe it. You can go there through a 4-wheel drive. It is really unique and attractive place. You can see and feel the undisturbed nature there. Winters are the best time to visit the place and it’s a full day adventure as night comes early.

Marvel at the Avenue of the Giants

The hypnotic and fascinating Avenue of the Giants is the great place for drive. The peace on the road will blow your mind. The ride in the Avenue of the Giants is 31 miles between the prettiest groves of redwoods. You would not have ever seen such beautiful and fantastic paths in your life. You would definitely want to stay and take a picture of the tall trees. It is a real soothing experience.

So, load your backpack up and travel to California for a lifelong experience.

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