10 Things you Need to Carry to Cook a Yummy Meal During Camping

10 things you need to carry to cook a yummy meal during camping.

cook yummy meal during camping

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When we think of camping, we think of beautiful scenery, long hikes through the forest, coming back tired to tents with sleeping bags in them and roasting marshmallows around the campfire as someone plays a familiar melody that we sing too. While this is what we sign up for when we go for camping, on most camping trips, the problematic part of camping is not fending off wild animals and surviving through other surprises Mother Nature has to offer, but coming back exhausted from treks and still having to cook meals for oneself. To lessen the burden of this task, here are some equipment and ingredients to cook delicious meals during camping:

A wheeled cooler

It is an essential item on the list because if you are going for an extended camping trip, you need a cooler to preserve the things you have brought along. It is recommended to buy a cooler that has ice retention for up to at least ten days and has a capacity of about eighty liters. They may weigh more than the other ones on the market but help in keeping your food fresh for longer.  

Gas and stove

Eating things straight out of a packet can get boring after some time and is unhealthy too. You can buy a propane stove with a steady flame for fast cooking so that you don’t waste your time and can relax instead. In case you don’t have a separate table to place the stove on, there are stoves with attachable legs available on the market. Different stoves can be carried and used efficiently in vans for those who prefer living in such vehicles instead. There are options available according to sizes and the number of burners. Also, carry matches and a lighter with you.

Utensils, cutlery, and knives

Skillet, saucepan and a pot, with lids, to cook in comfortably are necessary. Also, pack separate knives for chopping vegetables and cutting meat.  Also pack sturdy plates, cups, and bowls for all campers and ample of spoons, knives, and forks. Instead of using disposable counterparts, use more environmentally friendly options.

Washing and storing equipment

Another task for campers after cooking is washing and cleaning. For that, pack a small dishwashing soap or liquid, a sponge, cleaning wipes and towels. Keep a dishwashing bucket to wash the utensils. To store the leftover food in, use re-sealable bags and keep a foil roll to preserve them. 

Basic seasoning and condiments

Use small shakers to store salt, pepper, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano and any other seasoning that you may need while cooking. Pack cooking oil in a plastic bottle as well. 

Food cooked on a camping trip can be a little bland due to the lack of fresh and adequate ingredients. But keeping condiments with you can cover that up. Pack ketchup, mustard sauce, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise and some chutney for the added taste. 

Fruits and nuts

For the mornings that you are too lazy to cook anything at all, these can help. These can either be consumed whole or can be mixed with milk and oats or cereal to create a simple yet tasty breakfast. You can also use them as a trail mix during a trek, or to create a delicious dessert. 

Milk and eggs

These two are the most used ingredients while on a camping trip due to the variety of dishes they can be used to create. Milk can be used in complex dishes like baked goods and pancakes or something as simple as coffee or cereal. Some campers drink it as it is. Due to its nutritional value and ease of availability, milk is one of the most beloved ingredients of campers.

Another source of high nutrition, eggs can either be a central ingredient in many easy to cook dishes (boiled, fried or scrambled eggs) or can be used in pancakes, rice or just fried over noodles to make them more delicious. 


As per your preferences of beverage, pack lots of drinks to keep you hydrated on the whole trip. This includes lots of water, your basic morning tea or coffee, or nutrient-packed juices to consume in the day after coming back from a tiring trek. Keep some beer cans to drink with your late-night barbeque or a glass of Stella Rosa Black wine with a nicely cooked meal. 


You can pack any kind of bread ranging from multigrain to just white sandwich bread on your trip to ease some of a load of cooking. You can pair it up with butter, mayonnaise or peanut butter to create a snack or even a proper meal by adding some jerky or tuna slices to make a sandwich.

Natural or artificial sweeteners

Depending on your choice of taste or if you only want healthy sweeteners, you can store sugar, honey, maple syrup or artificial sweeteners. Not only can they be added in a relaxing cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but they can also be used to create amazing desserts that can liven up any boring and bland camp meal. You can also pair them with bread and some other ingredients to make a delicious and easy bread pudding. 

A camping trip can be made more fun by using these ingredients and equipment and cooking with your friends and family. Use the various food items like pre-cooked pasta and different types of meat to create exciting dishes. They also bring many nutrients to the table so that you feel energetic and fresh in the morning.

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