Tips to Avoid Cell Phone Addiction among Children

10 tips to avoid cell phone addiction among children and the use of cell phone parental control app.

cell phone addiction among kids

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The Drug Addiction Assistance Foundation already has prevention programs for what it calls “substance-free problems.” 

And is that 25% of kids between 18 and 65 years re recognized as addicted to mobile according to a study. We spend an average of three hours and 51 minutes a day on the smartphone, 29 minutes more than last year. According to another report given by the National Drug Plan, in the case of young people between 14 and 18 years, those who recognize making compulsive use of mobile phones have also increased to 21%.

Therefore, and seeing what has happened in other countries where the use quota has skyrocketed among the youngest, the Foundation for Drug Addiction Assistance (FAD) has developed a decalogue to encourage responsible use of technology among the youngest of the house, in order to avoid addictions in the future.

  • Dialogue with your children, favor positive communication and active listening.
  • Set clear rules to regulate the use of Internet, videogames and mobile. It must be very clear when, how much and where they use them.
  • Educate them in the intelligent management of leisure and free time.
  • Strive for your sons and daughters to find in you the confidence and support to tell you about any problem. 
  • Browse the Internet with your sons and daughters, orient them on the most reliable pages, and teach them to navigate with a clear objective marked in advance. Transmit them that they should never provide personal data on the network.
  • Don’t forget to be consistent and set an example in your interaction with technologies.
  • Select the video games they play according to the PEGI standards – age and content. Don’t forget to also supervise the games that are exchanged between their friends, and play with them on occasion.
  • Teach them that the mobile is for short and urgent calls. Hold them responsible for their consumption, which should always be limited and controlled by you.
  • Make use of cell phone parental control app, both on their smartphone and tablets to prevent your sons or daughters from finding inappropriate content for their age. FamilyTime is one good app thet you can consider in this regard.
  • Keep abreast of the advances in technology, so that the so-called digital divide does not constitute an obstacle in your work to protect your daughters and sons. And remember: the best filter for the use of ICTs that we can provide to our sons and daughters is the education we provide them, which will allow them to have a good opinion about what they can and should not do on the Internet. We must educate in responsibility. 

Mothers and fathers, we are the most effective protection and education tool, through closeness, communication and availability.

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